IXA & Ranked Matches Project Ghoul Update: Patch Notes

Roblox Update

IXA & Ranked Matches Project Ghoul Update: Patch Notes

A new update has been released for Roblox Project Ghoul that brings new content, balancing, and bug fixes to the game!

Roblox Project Ghoul has released a new update on March 19th, 2022! This release brings a new event boss to the game that can spawn randomly all over the map. There’s now ranked matches where you can queue up into 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 battles. There’s also a variety of balancing that has been done to various skills throughout the game. You can find all of the details from the update in the patch notes below.

Project Ghoul IXA & Ranked Matches Patch Notes

  • Added FIRST EVENT boss Amon, event bosses can randomly spawn across the map so be careful!
  • Ranked Matches, the NPC is located next to Arena that’s near the construction site (In between 2 entrances)
    • 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 queue modes
    • Points reset every week
  • Added new Mission System, unlike quests that require you kill specific NPCs they are focused on more map interaction stuff.
  • Currently there’s only 2 missions for Ghoul and CCGs, they’re located at Anteiku and CCG HQ
  • Rain Added
  • Arena that’s used inside CCG HQ is now used as spar zone, CCG’s friendly fire is disabled there!


  • T-Owl
    • Skill1: Damage increased(25 > 27)
    • Skill2: Damage increased(26 > 30), speeded up
    • Skill3: Damage increased(30 > 33), lowered cooldown(15 > 12.5), icnreased hitbox size(30 > 37), speeded up
  • Yasuhisa
    • Skill1: Damage Increased(40 > 42), lowered cooldown (17 > 12), speeded up
    • Skill2: Damage Increased(32 > 35), lowered cooldown (10 > 7), speeded up
    • Skill3: Damage Increased(6 > 7 per hit), lowered cooldown (13 > 11.5), added iframes
  • Jason13th
    • Skill1: Buffed dash speed
    • Skill3: Buffed dash speed
  • Narukami
    • Skill1: Increased cooldown(10 > 13)
    • Skill2: Increased cooldown(5 > 7)
    • Skill3: Increased cooldown(8 > 10), decreased damage (28 > 26 per projectile)
  • SSS Owl
    • Skill2: Decreased damage (48 > 46)
    • Skill3: Decreased damage per projectile (11 > 9)
  • Ukaku
    • Increased all skills cooldowns, buffed slighty damage
    • Nerfed M1s speed wise
  • Arata
    • Buffed arata armor scaling
    • Buffed arata HP drain
  • Kuzen
    • Skill1: Damage increased(13 > 16)
    • Skill2: Damage increased(23 > 26)
    • Skill3: Damage increased(13 > 15), dash buffed (60 -> 110)
  • Rogue CCGs
    • Their have Arata armor back


  • Made NPCs weaker
  • Increased Arima’s raid boss level requirements 350 > 450
  • Buffed total EXP gain
  • Buffed mats gain by 25%
  • Buffed HP rates
  • Buffed Kuzen’s and Arima’s damage + health slighty
  • If you have forcefield and you hit someone it’s gonna get removed
  • Now you have to do only 14% damage to bosses to get full rewards
  • Made so you can see what boss awarded you
  • Now m1 anims go by 1-2-1-2 pattern

Increased Health Regen

  • Half Human
  • Natural Half Human
  • One eyed
  • Natural One Eyed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed being queued to Arima raid from floor below near quest
  • Fixed Kuzen being broken
  • Fixed Invisibility bug
  • Fixed Uta and Sasaki look
  • Potentially some performance improvements, servers shouldn’t lag/spike anymore

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