It will be possible to download Hogwarts Legacy from a torrent immediately after hacking from the EMPRESS hacker

It will be possible to download Hogwarts Legacy from a torrent immediately after hacking from the EMPRESS hacker

Details of the high-profile case.

Hogwarts Legacy was released in early access on February 7, and on the 10th the game will be available to all owners of a licensed copy. The huge project is not yet available on torrents, but a well-known hacker is threatening to fix it quickly. True, a few days later she realized the mistake and urged to wait for the hack. We understand the intricacies of the protection of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts. Legacy is not yet free to download

On February 2, the famous EMPRESS hacker said that going to crack Hogwarts Legacy 10 days after release. EMPRESS got tired of hacking Denuvo’s protection for six months, and she promised to postpone all personal projects until she figured out a specific Denuvo in the new product. The girl even recommended Warner Bros. Interactive doesn’t add protection, as it will find a way around it anyway.

EMPRESS called Denuvo «the cancer of the industry» and urged people not to buy games that use this DRM. Let me remind you that EMPRESS is the only person who bypassed Denuvo protection. The other day she hacked into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

True, a few days later, fresh information upset users of torrents. EMPRESS admitted that they got excited, and the hacking of the game should not be expected before September.

However, on February 16, the hacker announced that she had almost hacked Hogwarts Legacy. EMPRESS: «I’m happy to announce that I’m doing a great job and am in the final stages of breaking into Hogwarts Legacy. There were a lot of issues in the first day patch, people on steam were complaining about performance issues. So I’m working on a pre-release version. On tests, she performs well, I hope you will not have any problems with her either.

Hogwarts Legacy came out and got a standing ovation

Many believed in the game even after the trailers, and Hogwarts Legacy was in the top 10 on Steam for the number of pre-orders for several weeks before the release. The day before the release of early access appeared the first assessments of journalists: Action RPG scored 86 by 38 reviewers.

Game on release broke the first record: Most single-game viewership in Twitch history — 1.3 million. The project surpassed the numbers of Cyberpunk 2077 — 1.14 million.

Also online Hogwarts Legacy in early access on Steam exceeded 489 thousand players and since then keeps high numbers (about 200 thousand).

Hogwarts Legacy is available for purchase on Steam, EGS, or on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles. The action-RPG will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on April 4, and on Switch on July 25.

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