In the series «Fandorin. Azazel «weak story and actors. But robots in tsarist Russia — wow!

In the series «Fandorin.  Azazel «weak story and actors.  But robots in tsarist Russia — wow!

When the revolution of 1917 did not happen.

I like Fandorin. I enjoyed reading several books about the legendary detective and rewatching the Turkish Gambit. But I didn’t expect a new series from Kinopoisk: for some reason, the authors transferred the events from 1876 to our time and assembled a dubious cast. And at first, the first episode of Azazel is really upsetting.

The acting is immediately shocking. The characters speak strangely and behave unnaturally. Fandorin, performed by Vladislav Tiron, stands out in particular. The young man has a solid theatrical experience, but he rarely lit up in movies and TV shows — so there are questions for the actor.

The plot is also full of problems. The authors did not seem to think about the motivation of the characters. The main character leaks information about the investigation to the first beauty they meet, and young rich people ruin their lives for an absurd reason. The scriptwriters justify this by the youth of the heroes, but you still don’t believe in what is happening.

But at the end of the series, you close your eyes to the shortcomings. It’s about the music, the bright finale and the setting, where Russia is ruled by a tsar, and the streets are patrolled by robots. If the other episodes had already come out, I would definitely watch them.

In this world, Lenin’s mausoleum stands in Argentina

Events unfold in an alternate 2023. The Romanovs are still in power, who defeated the Bolsheviks 106 years ago.

Nicholas III leads the country to a brighter future, builds skyscrapers in the spirit of Moscow City in St. Petersburg and supports technology. His subjects carry phones, write messages, and end every word with a solid sign. And robots are watching the criminals: they read the intentions of citizens and warn the police about the danger.

Although life in an alternate reality is not fabulous. The king seeks peace and is in conflict with the army. Lenin’s grandson dreams of a revolution. Ordinary citizens live in concrete boxes that degrade human dignity.

Also, crime is on the rise. Recently, Peter was stunned by a suicide, an accidental death, and an attempted suicide in a public place, all at the same time. There is an opinion that the events are connected. What if there was a suicide club in the city? Or is it even more difficult?

The setting is unusual, but at the same time recognizable. For example, locals joke about Lenin’s mausoleum opened in Argentina. Latin Americans pay money and look at the mummy of Vladimir Ilyich. Funny, is not it? And after the royal party, the army blocks the area so that the boss walks along the central streets and empties a bottle of alcohol.

The series has a strong finale. Because of him, I’m waiting for the sequel

There are many complaints about history. Did the authors not come up with an adequate reason for suicide? Why is Fandorin such a bungler? And why was his assistant Elizabeth introduced into the plot with a stupid phrase? «Keep me posted on the investigation!» “Of course,” the hero replies, forgetting about the secret of the investigation.

But the little things do not spoil the overall picture, the global history is still intriguing. How are crimes related? Who is behind them? What did the villains want? Would like to know sooner.

Also, the ending of the episode is powerful. The hero opens the veil of secrecy and immediately gets in the gut. It turns out that the enemy is dangerous and, if desired, will reach anyone — even the king. Therefore, I would immediately include the next episode, but it will not be released until January 26th.

The music is wonderful. I listened to the tracks many times

The series has amazing music. At the same time, the main tracks are woven into the plot.

One day, the heroes gather at a party organized by the poetess Amalia. She goes on stage and sings, and the characters dissolve in a gentle voice and beautiful verses — just like the audience. Alas, the wonderful song has not yet been posted online, you can listen to it only in the series (37 minutes).

Is it worth watching?

Surprisingly, acting and writing problems didn’t kill the series. The global plot with deaths and political intrigue is good enough to turn a blind eye to the minuses. Also, the setting and the music are great. So I will definitely watch the next series.

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