In the second series, The Last of Us changed the ending of an important character. It got tougher!

In the second series, The Last of Us changed the ending of an important character.  It got tougher!

Druckmann revised the original.

On January 23, the second episode of The Last of Us aired. The authors still follow the original, but sometimes change the details. While such adjustments make the plot more dramatic.

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In the new episode, the heroes go to the Cicada camp and encounter click beetles. The fight turned out to be heavy: the creatures bit Tess and re-infected Ellie. In the game, the monsters hurt the girl only in the Left Behind expansion, so the heroes relied on circumstantial evidence of her immunity. A characteristic mark on the hand, detector readings, importance for the Cicadas.

An iron proof appeared in the series, because Tess and Ellie caught the infection at the same time. The smuggler quickly shows signs of infection, but the girl is still normal. That’s why Tess is so urged to take Ellie to the Cicadas. She is convinced that the girl will save the world.

And in the town hall, the heroes are attacked not by «Phaedra», but by the infected. In the series, mushrooms bind monsters: if one creature notices prey, the rest will soon find out about it. In the town hall, Joel kills the infected — and a moment later, a horde of monsters rushes towards him.

As in the game, Tess tells her teammates to run while she stays and sacrifices herself. She tosses grenades, spills fuel, and flicks her lighter to no avail. The lady blows everyone up at the last moment, when the monster is already attacking her with his antennae. The episode with the death of Tess is as dramatic as possible.

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It’s no surprise that the series develops ideas from the game so well. Still, the creator of the original, Neil Druckmann, is closely engaged in the show and even directed the second episode. Hence the 9.5 rating on IMDb.

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