If Harry Potter were a ghost hunter. 3 reasons to watch Lockwood & Co.

If Harry Potter were a ghost hunter.  3 reasons to watch Lockwood & Co.

Great series that everyone missed.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Lockwood & Company book series. But I didn’t expect a screen shot. Netflix rarely makes successful projects about teenagers: there are a dozen Death Notes for a successful Wednesday.

Here are just a series about the team of Anthony Lockwood and ghosts carried away so much that I watched all the episodes in one gulp. What’s good about the show?

The series has a cool setting, full of mysteries and nightmares.

The world of the series was similar to ours, but 50 years ago, ghosts appeared in it. They attacked at night and killed with one touch. As a result, the population decreased, the authorities imposed a curfew, the economy sank.

Marissa Fitts brought hope back. She made contact with the otherworldly, learned the vulnerabilities of ghosts and created an organization that protects citizens. Now there are many fighters against evil spirits: every night they take to the streets and risk their lives. All agents are teenagers. It is because of youthful sensitivity that they see the otherworldly.

Agents lose talent over the years. Although they rarely go to rest — more often teenagers die on a mission or fall into a ghostly coma.

Alas, the brilliant Marissa did not answer all the questions. Where did ghosts come from? Why did the tragedy happen exactly 50 years ago? Are there sentient ghosts? And there is also an opinion that it is Lady Fitts and her supporters who are behind the disaster.

The world is well developed, so looking for answers is interesting. In addition, all the mysteries are woven into the plot.

At first, the characters do not cling, but soon you fall in love with them.

Lockwood and Company is a modest agency of three ghostbusters. Anthony Lockwood is talented and charismatic, but his ambition and impatience often let the team down. He is also burdened by the death of his parents, and there is a mysterious room in the house where Anthony does not let anyone in. George is a typical nerd who finds answers in books and solves any puzzle.

The main star of the agency is Lucy Carlisle. On assignments, she quickly finds ghosts and makes contact with them. In addition, the girl has solid experience: she once caught creatures in another organization, but lost her team and became an outcast.

At first, the characters seem formulaic. Viewers have already seen similar images in The Hunger Games, Divergent and other youth projects. But over time, the characters will show complex characters, and their relationship will captivate with dynamics. The guys quarrel, find a common language, become a family, and then ruin the relationship again.

The secondary characters are good too. For example Kipps, obsessed with a feud with Lockwood. His team resembles harmful Slytherins, and the leader in deceit is not inferior to Draco Malfoy.

Ghosts are always creepy

The series mixes many genres: drama, comedy, detective, fantasy. And when the heroes go on a mission, the horror begins. What is the episode with the red room, where the guys fall into a trap, and the room is filled with blood. A terrible sight!

Agents have a lot of cool equipment, and with their abilities they would be accepted into Hogwarts — but even Harry Potter would panic in such a mess. No wonder things often end in disaster. Little things like abrasions, injuries and mental problems have long been ignored.

At the same time, we are talking about a plot series, and not a procedural. The cases only seem unrelated, in fact they tell one epic story. Like Harry Potter, it’s full of betrayals, twists and turns, and ambiguous characters. So don’t miss out on watching.

Worth watching?

Yes. Especially if you love Harry Potter and Ghostbusters. The plot is good, the characters are cool, and the ghosts are scary. Isn’t that a reason to give the Lockwood Agency a chance?

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