I fell in love with Fortnite without building. This is the best game for fan with friends

I fell in love with Fortnite without building.  This is the best game for fan with friends

Guilty pleasure by Mikhail Lozhkov.

I’m doter. In 2018, he started his work in eSports from a site about Dota, and a year later he joined Sports.ru as an editor of the Dota section.

A lot has changed since then. I got into marketing and projects, became a PlayStation fan and even started streaming (by the way, follow me). But the main thing is that I stopped playing Dota. In 2020, I almost abandoned it, went to events with friends a couple of times, and my 3401 hours in the game have not ticked since October 2021 – even the victory of Spirit did not make me return.

I have been looking for regular entertainment for a couple of ice rinks before bed. I fell in love with CS, but the nightly debuses of the rank were picking doter gestalts, so I postponed the adventures on Dust and Mirage. Everything changed when Fortnite introduced a no-build mode.

I have a long relationship with the “window”: in 2018, while serving in the army, I rolled even before the moment when the game became mainstream. But the construction ruined the gaming experience too much — the fingers refused to move so quickly to build up skyscrapers and effortlessly ruin everyone around. So I put the battle royale aside, but watched it — the Epics know how to make beautiful content and Super Bowl-level shows.

Fortnite has changed incredibly in 4 years! Now, in addition to simple battles, there are vehicles and modifications for it, NPCs, quests, fishing and many other activities that pour tons of variety and fun into the game. Some roflas contribute skins: in one of the rinks with my friends, I wounded John Wick, took him away from the teammates, and then dropped him when Deadpool ran out to cut me off.

The no-build mode has removed a lot of tension and sped up the game — now you don’t have to loot resources, demolish skyscrapers, and clack keys at the speed of Invoker Dandy in the best of years. You just find the right weapon, pick up the armor, look for a car — and rush with your friends to the first place.

And yes, playing in a party is a separate pleasure, especially four of us. While in one skating rink we were knocking down the tracks of a tank and running away from the storm with one teammate, others were looking for first aid kits and fighting off a huge shark. And in the next run, we took two cars and cosplayed either «Boomer» or «Brigade».

Of course, you need to coordinate the stack here no less than in Dota or CS, otherwise the game quickly turns into uncontrollable madness (believe me, there is some fun here). But in a couple of visits, you can easily prioritize and distribute who is driving the tank, who is sitting on the turret, and who will come out in the midst of the battle to repair the car and fill the tank.

I recommend Fortnite without building to anyone who is looking for carefree entertainment for many evenings with friends. There is crossplay, many locations, and the game itself is dynamic enough not to get bored. And we also came across a lot of intermediate or casual players — probably after the update a lot of the same newcomers burst in, which gave the game a funny arcade quality for a while.

I don’t know how much more time I’ll spend in battle royale and how much my wallet will thin out because of a bunch of skins, but for now I’m going to have fun.

Anyone who recommends other fun games for co-op in the comments is a separate respect.

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