Hufflepuff’s exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest. Get to Azkaban and return

Hufflepuff’s exclusive Hogwarts Legacy quest.  Get to Azkaban and return

«Prisoner of Love».

The authors of Hogwarts Legacy clearly want players to try to play as a student of each of the faculties. If not, then why does each house have its own exclusive quest? It is noteworthy that each such quest is associated with the ghost of Richard Galkrad, although the tasks themselves are very different. We share with you the walkthrough, now it’s Hufflepuff’s turn and the Prisoner of Love quest.

You will receive the quest after helping Nora Treadwell in the «Trial of Merlin» quest. An owl will fly to you, in a message they will ask you to come to the Hufflepuff’s living room. A portrait of Eldritch Diggory, Cedric’s great-great-grandfather and former Minister for Magic, awaits there. He tells how he is haunted by the old business that his girlfriend Elena Chertspoloh was doing. Once upon a time, a young man, Richard Galkrad, died in the vicinity of Hogwarts: his friend Anna was accused of the murder and put her in Azkaban.

The torn pages that your hero found before are somehow connected with the case. Diggory asks to come to Upper Hogsfield, where Elena lives. Go to Elena, she will bring you up to date and tell you more about the accused girl and the person who could set her up.

We will transgress to Azkaban together: go to Anna’s cell and chat with her. She practically went crazy, but leads our hero to the idea of ​​​​a possible clue.

We return back to the village, the desired cave is located nearby. We run towards the goal, focusing on the mini-map. A simple puzzle awaits us in the cave: use Revelio and pull out the highlighted urns with the help of Accio. Behind the open door you will find a note in which Richard asks Anna to come to the edge of the Forbidden Forest to go explore something interesting together.

When we get out of the cave, we meet the ghost of Galkrad, who is glad that at last there was a magician who solved his riddle. We have to stun the ghost, saying that Anna then could not solve the riddle, and she was accused of murder and put in Azkaban. Richard wants to help Anna get out, but asks us to come to the Forbidden Forest to find out what exactly killed him. You have completed the quest!

By the way, the Prisoner of Love quest is the only opportunity to see Azkaban with your own eyes.

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