How to view the CD statistics of all players by nickname for PC, PS4 and mobile

How to view the CD statistics of all players by nickname for PC, PS4 and mobile

About the game

Fortnite is an online battle royale video game. It was developed by the American company Epic Games and released in early access in 2017.

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How to see the statistics of all players in Fortnite?

To view full statistics, you need to use the most popular service — Fortnite Tracker. It does not require registration and is absolutely free. Link to the site is here.

On the main page of the site you will see a field for entering a nickname. After entering it, press Enter.

Your detailed statistics will then load. Almost everything is collected here — murders, number of games, cooldowns, etc.

Consider all points in order:

  1. Here you can switch between player statistics (Overview), progress by seasons (Progress), history of matches (Matches). The Bests tab will show the games in which the player has killed the most opponents (over the lifetime of the account) and the longest kill streak without dying. In Twitch Clips, you can watch clips from the Twitch channel if it is connected, and the PVE tab will show statistics in the anti-zombie mode.
  2. Shows general statistics by season. Pretty useful tab for tracking a player’s score.
  3. Statistics for the current season. It shows the number of wins, their percentage, the number of kills, as well as cooldown.
  4. Solo stats.
  5. Duo stats.
  6. Statistics in group mode.

On this site you can see the statistics not only of yourself or a friend. Accounts of famous streamers or professional players are also available for viewing here.

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