How to Unlock Abilities in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Abilities

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Guide & Walkthrough. This page of the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game guide explains how to unlock access to Abilities. You will also learn how to improve your abilities, and what are the requirements for activating them.

Abilities in AC Valhalla are unique active attacks. They can significantly help you in combat, e.g. by shooting hails of arrows at the enemies, throwing axes, and even charging at them to throw back the attacked opponent.

The ability tab is initially invisible in the pause menu, as Eivor does not yet have any abilities. New abilities are unlocked by finding the Books of Knowledge in the game world . These books represent one category of the collectibles available in the game – they can be hidden under the yellow dots on the map (this color symbolizes various riches).

From each book you find you can learn 1 ability imposed by the authors. You can find out right away which ability was unlocked.

After you find and read the first book, the Ability tab will appear in the hero’s menu. Here are the main rules of using them:

  1. At any given moment you can have up to 8 abilities active – 4 focusing on Ranged (left part of the screen) and 4 focusing on Melee (right part of the screen).
  2. Each ranged and melee ability is assigned to one of the 4 buttons on the pad. The ranged abilities are activated by simultaneously pressing the left trigger and the button to activate the selected ranged ability (e.g. L2 X). Melee combat abilities are activated by pressing the right trigger and the selected ability key (e.g. R2 X).
  1. In order to activate the ability, you need adrenaline. The adrenaline bar is charged in combat. Eivor initially has 1 adrenaline slot, but you can unlock more slots from the skill tree. This will allow you to use your abilities more often.
  1. Each ability can be upgraded to level 2 to make it more powerful or gain a new feature (in the example in the picture, the second level of Mark of Death ability allows to attack more targets). You can do this by finding a second book on the same ability. Each of the abilities in the game is associated with 2 books found in different parts of the game world.

You will find places to find the Books of Knowledge in the chapter about the secrets of the game.


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