How to slide in fortnite

How to slide in fortnite

Lol, just press one button.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has begun! Along with the new map, brand new mechanics were added to the game, including sliding.

Map of the third chapter of Fortnite here, a description of the main changes — here. And in this post we will tell you how to slide in Fortnite.

How to slide in fortnite

The best place to slide is hills, slides and slopes. During the slide you can shoot.

To slither in Fortnite on PC:

  • start running
  • While running, press the button to squat (default is the left ctrl) and hold it for the duration of the slide
  • Let go to stop sliding ctrl or press the jump key (spacebar by default)

To slither in Fortnite on consoles:

  • start running
  • While running, hold down the right stick
  • Release the joystick to stop sliding

* * *

Now you know how to slide in Fortnite. Happy slides!

Download Fortnite on PC — Chapter 3 is now in the game!

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