How to perform a power shot in FIFA 23

EA Sports has made several new additions to FIFA 23’s gameplay, making it even more competitive and exciting to play. The company consistently makes updates and additions to the game to keep things fresh.

The power shot is a new addition to FIFA 23. While it adds extra power to shooting, it also demands a greater degree of accuracy and precision. The mechanic has been well-received by the community due to its high-risk, high-reward nature.

When executed correctly, the power shot can significantly increase players’ chances of scoring. However, it’s not as easy as tapping a few buttons. There are many factors and parameters that determine the success or failure of the move.

Additionally, timing is vital when performing a power shot. The timing of its placement has a bigger impact on the execution everyone expects.

Controls to perform FIFA 23’s power shot on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 23 is far more limited in nature and features. Most of the time, it doesn’t receive any of the new upgrades that EA Sports adds before the annual release.

The power shot, however, can be performed on all major consoles and PCs. It doesn’t matter if the system is old or current-gen.

Here are the controls to perform a power shot in the game:

PS4 and PS5

  • Classic: R1 + L1 + O + left thumbstick for aiming
  • Alternative: R1 + L1 + [] + left thumbstick for aiming

Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

  • Classic: RB + LB + B + left thumbstick for aiming
  • Alternative: RB + LB + X + left thumbstick for aiming

Nintendo Switch

  • Classic: L + R + A + left thumbstick for aiming
  • Alternative: L + R + Y + left thumbstick for aiming

The decision to make these controls more complex than those of ordinary shots was likely deliberate. A good power shot greatly increases the probability of the ball beating the keeper. If the mechanic is easy to perform, everyone will just start spamming it.

As mentioned earlier, timing is vital for the success of a power shot as it has longer load animations. While normal shots can occur almost instantly, a powerful shot takes time to load during a match. This allows defenders to close down on their opponents or even steal the ball with a tackle.

Despite how exciting it might seem, FIFA 23 players must use the power shot selectively. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting addition to this year’s edition of the game. EA Sports has also ensured fairness by including it in the old-gen version and the Legacy Edition.

While older-gen consoles have received power shots, they will miss out on other features.

A major miss is the HyperMotion 2 technology that is only present on current-gen consoles, Google Stadia, and PC. It offers a realistic experience while simulating the game and allows for more immersion. It’s unlikely that the feature will be brought to the relatively weaker consoles anytime soon.


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