How to get the legendary champion Deliana in RAID: Shadow Legends for free

From May 23 to July 28, 2022, Plarium, a world pioneer in the development of free mobile and computer games with more than 400 million players worldwide, will give all Raid: Shadow Legends players a free legendary champion named Deliana in a limited edition.

Unlocking Deliana is a fairly easy task in RAID Shadow Legends. All you have to do is make sure to log in on seven different days between the span of May 23rd and July 28th.

Unlike Talia, the last free champion released in RAID Shadow Legends who could only be claimed by new players, Deliana can be claimed by all players. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a new player launching the game for the first time or if you are a veteran of the title, you will receive Deliana for free as soon as you log in on the seventh day during the respective span of the event.

Deliana will be a great addition to the list of both new and existing players.

Deliana is a legendary figure of the highest level in the High Elf faction, which makes her a great addition to any player’s team. This campaign followed the Raid’s third anniversary, which was celebrated on the 14th, with 80 million downloads and more than 2 million monthly active users since its launch in 2019.

When creating their profile, new users can use the promo code MYDELIANA to get enough experience for an instant upgrade. This is a great advantage for novice players who want to progress quickly in early PVE.

Deliana’s Story

Fierce and beautiful as a thunderstorm in early spring, Deliana is a model of high elven virtue. She is the heir to the noble traditions of Arabia, a battle mage who has no equal, a loyal servant of Lumaya, who knows no other purpose than to protect Teleria from villains. She mercilessly smashes her enemies, but is ready to give her life again and again to save the innocent.

The origins of Deliana lie in the turbulent era of the Great Wars, when the legendary struggle between Darkness and Light engulfed entire continents and split nations. The daughter of one of the most respected strategists in Arabia. She had the best teachers that money could buy, she enjoyed conversations with some of the wisest scientists, and her innate magical talent was nurtured with the greatest care. Her future looked bright: countless suitors sought her hand, the doors of the Royal Academy were open to her, and her homeland was flourishing. Alas, this carefree existence did not last long.

The war began. Led by the lords of the Demonic Spawn, the Orphan legions surged forward and tried to destroy the order created by the loyalists of Lumaya. The elves mobilized to confront this terrible threat, but the first stages of the conflict went badly for them: many cities were lost, and hope was fading every day. Deliana’s father died in one of the first battles of that war, as did many of her friends and relatives. Distressed, but not broken, Deliana discarded the trappings of her past life and joined the Royal Army, where she could apply her magic skills on the battlefield. Her birthright ensured that an important position was quickly found, while Deliana’s sharp insight allowed her to succeed and lead her forces to victory in many desperate situations.

Over the years of bloody labor and sacrifice, Deliana honed her talents and rose through the ranks until she became the archmage of Arabia and an independent Strategist – a worthy successor to her father. But it was only after the Battle of Whispering Valley that her true fate was revealed. There, Deliana led a counterattack against hordes of Undead and Demonic Spawn. Outnumbered many times, she personally commanded the vanguard, her staff shone like a star amid the black wave of evil, and defeated the Necromancer who held the dead in bondage. With his death, skeletons and zombies collapsed around the elven warriors, and the demons were forced to flee from the vengeful blades of the best warriors of Arabia.

The Archmage herself was severely wounded in that battle. Her warriors had almost lost all hope of helping their beloved commander when a bright flash of light pierced the evening gloom-the Arbiter had arrived! Touched by Deliana’s self-sacrifice and impressed by her skill, Lumiya’s messenger offered her a place among the immortal Champions of Teleria. It was an honor that no true elf could refuse, and Deliana gladly accepted it. She asked for only one night to say goodbye for the last time to the men and women who fought on her side and joined the ranks of the eternal army of Luamai with the first rays of dawn.


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