How to get a reward for the promotion «Invite a friend» in Fortnite

How to get a reward for the promotion «Invite a friend» in Fortnite

Looting the bonus.

Fortnite developers have launched a referral program «Invite a Friend»! Now the program is in beta testing, but you and your friends already have the opportunity to loot rewards.

What does the refer a friend program mean and how does it work

This is a special official program, with the help of which already playing Fortnite can invite friends. For this, the developers will reward both players: the one who invites a new player, and the invited one.

Here’s how the Refer a Friend program works in Fortnite:

  • Register on the official website of the Refer a Friend program:
  • Invite up to 5 friends
  • Complete tasks in the game together
  • Get rewards, including the Rainbow Taxi Driver Outfit.

Terms of operation of the program «Invite a friend» in Fortnite

The referral program has a limited duration. At least for now.

  • Friends must register from 17:00 Moscow time on October 25 to 07:59 Moscow time on November 15
  • Co-op missions must be completed by January 11 at 07:59 UTC

Requirements for the award

  • As a program requirement, the referred friend must have played a minimum of 120 minutes of Fortnite’s primary Battle Royale game mode for Solo, Duos, Trios, or Squads within the last 30 days
  • If you invite friends, you will become an «inviting player». This means that other players will no longer be able to invite you.
  • Inviting and invited players must add each other to their friends list in the game
  • Registration on the official website of the program is required only for the inviting player. At the same time, invited players can also register there to monitor the progress of receiving the reward.
  • Each user of the program can receive an award only once

Fortnite Refer A Friend Rewards Skins List

  • Loading screen — just invite a friend
  • Wrap — play 1 game with a friend
  • Hang Glider — Rank in the top 10 three times with an invited friend
  • Pickaxe — Together with a friend, you need to destroy 10 rivals
  • Rainbow Taxi Driver Outfit — You and your friend must be at level 60 in the Battle Pass

Screenshots of awards:

Why is Fortnite’s Refer a Friend challenge not counting?

If you are sure that the task was completed, but the site does not show progress, just wait. The site needs time to update the data, this can take several hours.

* * *

Now you know how the Refer a Friend program works in Fortnite and how to get a reward.

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