How to Get a Puma Essentials Cap in Puma and the Land of Games on Roblox!

Get the Puma Essentials Cap in just a few minutes on this new game!

Puma and Land of Games use the new technology of multi-layered clothing Roblox. With Puma Web3 wearables, players can level up their characters with hyper-realistic clothing. Each Puma part can match any avatar body type from head to toe. In addition, as users explore new experiences, they can discover new areas and more items of Puma sportswear.

“We are excited to bring an exciting and fun sports experience to the Roblox community,” said Adam Petrik, Puma’s chief brand officer. “The new Layered Clothing technology allows players to express their creativity and style, which enables our brand to create even greater synergy between the physical and digital world.”

How to Get a Puma Essentials Cap in Roblox

It’s super easy to get the FREE Puma Essentials Cap in this new Roblox game. All you have to do is join the game and follow the tutorial!

Game Link: Puma and the Land of Games

Just a few seconds into the tutorial you’ll be given some in-game items, and you’ll also see you’ve earned the Puma Essentials Cap badge, which means you’ll also find the Puma Essentials Cap in your avatar inventory!

Name: Puma Essentials Cap
Type: Accessory | Hat
Description: Get this by playing through the Puma and the
Land of Games Tutorial! Play here:
Catalog Link: Link


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