How to find entrance to Ruin Golem in Valley of Dahri? – Genshin Impact Afratu’s Dilemma quest guide

Afratu’s Dilemma is a quest with a hidden Teleport Waypoint that some Genshin Impact players may wish to do. Not to mention, it has a generous 50 Primogems reward for completing it. Some aspects of this quest are bound to stump some players, so here’s a guide to help simplify everything for you.

It will include the entirety of Afratu’s Dilemma. Readers can feel free to skip sections of the quest that they have already completed.

Note: There are no prerequisites to get started with Afratu’s Dilemma. This guide also includes two achievements at the very end.

Genshin Impact quest guide: Afratu’s Dilemma

The start of the quest is quite simple. Simply head east to the Valley of Dahri’s Statue of the Seven. Once the player gets close to the location shown above, they will see a cutscene. Afratu will talk for a bit, and one will finally be able to move again.

Find a way to enter the robot

Go to the yellow circle, and don’t worry about being targeted by the giant robot. Instead, go to the western part of the yellow circle, where you will see some gears and other junk. You must make the giant robot destroy the huge rock nearby. To do so, let the robot target you and trick it into attacking that rock.

You can use Elemental Sight to see where the big rock is if the above image doesn’t make things clear enough.

Explore up ahead

Some Genshin Impact players will notice that there is a Seelie nearby. It’s not necessary to follow it for Afratu’s Dilemma, but it will give you a Common Chest for your troubles.

This Seelie will lead you to a cave, which is where the next section of this quest guide takes place.

When you arrive at this point, use the Four-Leaf Sigils to get around. There is another Seelie on one of the branches, so players who want an optional Common Chest can approach it. There is another chest below that Seelie, but it requires a slight detour from Afratu’s Dilemma.

Once you see “Try to break the seal” at the end of this path, just use a Normal or Charged Attack on the green core (also known as Suda’s Flow) to destroy it. You will have to do it twice before you get to the following spot.

Defeating the Hilichurls in this area gives players another chest not required for Afratu’s Dilemma. Genshin Impact fans are advised to use the Four-Leaf Sigils to move up quickly to proceed with this quest.

At the very top is a hidden Teleport Waypoint.

You will see some of the green cores blocking your path again, so just attack them to get rid of them once more. You will need a Bow user to hit some of the upcoming ones.

Break Suda’s Flow at three locations

An example of a cleared section (Image via HoYoverse)
An example of a cleared section (Image via HoYoverse)

Remember those big green cores you’ve already destroyed several times in this quest? Genshin Impact players must destroy several more to “Break Suda’s Flow at three locations.”

The first is seen in the top floor’s northwestern region. It’s hard to miss since one of the seals is on the door. Inside are three more to destroy. Once Genshin Impact players eliminate those three Suda’s Flows, they will see a brief cutscene.

The next location is still on the top floor. However, it’s in the eastern section. The green cores will be on both sides of the hallway, with one of them leading players to a chest. Destroy them all to see another cutscene.

Note: This section has three Suda’s Flows to attack in the southern room. They’re a bit higher than the last ones, so they can be easy to miss.

Go to the center of the main room (which is the center of the yellow circle on the minimap if you have quest navigation turned on) and jump all the way to the bottom. Genshin Impact players will see several more Suda’s Flows here. Destroy them all to see another cutscene.

Enter the cockpit

The cockpit is at the very top. Use the wind current to get up there quickly. If you can’t make it to the top, just use the nearby Four-Leaf Sigils. Once you’re here, go up that little ramp shown above to enter the cockpit.

Finishing up Afratu’s Dilemma in Genshin Impact

The rest of this Genshin Impact quest is easy (Image via HoYoverse)
The rest of this Genshin Impact quest is easy (Image via HoYoverse)

Just interact with the terminal inside to turn off the giant robot’s “autonomous attacking.” Genshin Impact players now only have one step left to do in Afratu’s Dilemma.

Simply return to Afratu to finish his quest and receive the 50 Primogems, 400 Adventure EXP, 40,000 Mora, and four Hero’s Wits.

Note: There are two achievements tied to the giant robot upon completion of Afratu’s Dilemma in Genshin Impact. Return to the cockpit to see a “Start” prompt. Here are the achievements:

  • What does This Button Do?: Miss a few shots on any random spots (that’s not one of the yellow 4-pointed stars)
  • The Breakthrough: Destroy all of the spots marked on the screen with yellow 4-pointed stars

That’s an easy way to get ten extra Primogems.


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