How to complete every Friendship quest for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As players progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will unlock the Dazzle Beach biome and discover characters from The Little Mermaid. The protagonist of the movie, Ariel, plays an important role in the stories of both Prince Eric and the villain, Ursula. In the game, many of her quests are tied to these characters and thus require completion.

Like every other Disney Dreamlight Valley character, however, Ariel has her own line of Friendship quests. As players increase her Friendship level through daily conversations and gift-giving, they will become available.

Guide to completing all Friendship quests for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Lonely Island

The first Friendship quest for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley is rather short and sees the mermaid become a Villager:

  • Complete the Mysterious Wreck quest with Goofy and arrive on the island to find Ariel.
  • Speak to her and learn about how she wants to live in the Village but doesn’t know how to find it.
  • Simply return to the Village, place her home in the water near Dazzle Beach, and watch as she arrives.
  • Talk to her at the Wishing Well to finish the quest.

The Missing Prince

After Ariel settles in, players can begin speaking with her on a daily basis and giving her various gifts to increase her Friendship level. Doing this will open up a quest that sees a statue of Prince Eric built:

  • Start the quest by talking to Ariel. She will express that she’s upset no one else remembers Prince Eric as she does.
  • On her behalf, speak to Merlin, Maui, and then Kristoff.
  • Kristoff will state that he may have records about Prince Eric in his house.
  • Head to his home in the Forest of Valora and find the record books in the side room.
  • Return to Kristoff and go to Dazzle Beach.
  • Fish from the small island in the orange bubble spot and discover a Statue Face of Prince Eric.
  • Take it to Ariel, and she will ask for help finding the rest of the statue.
  • Go back to Kristoff. He will say another piece of the statue is in his house and that Donald Duck may have one.
  • Travel to his house again to retrieve the piece and then find Donald Duck.
  • Talk to Donald. He will explain the other piece is in the Glade of Trust and that Scrooge McDuck also has another one.
  • Dig up the piece buried near the water by the Pillar in the Glade of Trust.
  • Talk to Scrooge McDuck and then give him five Peridot in exchange for his piece.
  • Take all the pieces back to Ariel. She will give you some super glue to fix the aforementioned statue.
  • Go to a crafting station to put the statue back together and place it down near the staircase that leads to Dazzle Beach
  • Collect the Memory of Prince Eric confronting Ursula and mention it to Ariel.
  • Agree to speak to Ursula, and the quest will end.

Thingamabobs, Gadgets, and Gizmos

This is the second to last quest for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Talk to her about how she wants to start collecting items.
  • Go and speak to WALL-E and receive a Story Book.
  • Collect the Whisk from Remy’s house, then the Spinning Top from Donald’s house, and lastly, the Gramaphone from Minnie’s house.
  • Give all the items to Ariel, and she will discover that the Gramaphone is broken.
  • Build a Crafting Station after collecting 40 Sand, 20 Hardwood, 10 Scallops, 10 Gold Ingots, and three Aquamarine.
  • Deliver Ariel her very own Crafting Station to end the quest.

The Ancient Doorway

Unless any future updates or DLCs bring extra quests, The Ancient Doorway is the final one for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It becomes available after her Friendship level reaches 10:

  • Once level 10 is reached, talk to Ariel about a stone slab she has discovered.
  • Take the slab to Merlin, who will say it needs to be imbued with different emotions to work.
  • Return to Ariel, and she will imbue it with the Joy emotion.
  • Remy will imbue it with the Passion emotion.
  • Moana will imbue it with the Excitement emotion.
  • Ursula will be the last to imbue it with the Anger emotion.
  • Go to the Mystical Cave on Dazzle Beach, and travel to the very bottom floor.
  • Insert the stone slab into the wall, and take the Mystical Crystal after the wall opens.
  • Speak to Ariel, give her the Crystal, and the quest will be done.

Upon finishing this final Friendship quest for Ariel in Disney Dreamlight Valley, she will reward the player with both the Seafoam Gown and the Seafoam Suit.


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