How to change house in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to change house in Hogwarts Legacy?

The authors are firm in their decision.

After an exciting prologue, Hogwarts Legacy invites you to choose the department in which you will study. The choice you made later might disappoint you, or you just quickly chose something without thinking. Here is the answer to the question, how to change the house in Hogwarts Legacy?

Alas, the authors did not foresee such a possibility. According to the canon of the Harry Potter world, the wizard, after the placement ceremony, has been studying at the chosen faculty for all 7 years and cannot change it. Avalanche Software values ​​canon and sticks to it.

You can only change Houses if you start the game again, since the game provides a lot of save slots.

Method 2: Download your game before the distribution ceremony at the start of the Welcome to Hogwarts quest. Of course, if you guessed to make a manual save there and did not overwrite it.

Despite the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is a huge role-playing game with tons of quests, you should not be upset by the lack of the ability to change houses. All tasks, both plot and side, are the same for students of all faculties!

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