How to buy FIFA 23 in Russia on PC

How to buy FIFA 23 in Russia on PC

We understand the situation.

FIFA 23 release date is approaching, and players from Russia have a question: where can I buy FIFA 23.

The fact is that a huge number of gaming companies have limited the possibility of legal purchase of games, and in this regard, FIFA 23 is no exception. Let’s figure out how to buy the next part of the footsim.

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How to buy FIFA 23 in Russia on PC

The FIFA 23 Steam page is not available for Russian players. If you decide to change the region, then do not forget that it must match the region in your EA account.

At the same time, in Russia, the FIFA 23 pages in EGS and Origin are available, and some users report that they were able to pre-order in Origin and EGS while in Russia. But in fact, now sales have been stopped, everyone who managed to make a pre-order will most likely be canceled.

The situation changes often, so we advise you to independently check the availability of the game for pre-order, or better, wait for the release and read the reviews of the first buyers.

The author of Kiber managed to buy an EA Play Pro subscription for a month (as early as September 12 through and launch FIFA 23. The game was launched on a Russian EA account.

An alternative is to buy a key on marketplaces like The main thing to remember is two rules:

  • Buy only from sellers with a lot of reviews
  • Do not buy goods at a suspiciously low price

Average prices for FIFA 23 for PC:

  • Standart in Turkish Steam — 699 lira (about 2,200 rubles)
  • Ultimate in Turkish Steam — 899 lira (about 2,800 rubles)
  • Standard on — about 4800 rubles
  • 1 month EA Play Pro (with which you can play FIFA 23) — 1282 rubles

The physical discs of the PC version of FIFA are now, unfortunately, no longer available.

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