Honkai Impact 3 update 6.4 set to introduce Herrscher of Finality and Origin

Honkai Impact 3, the super popular title mobile title by HoYoverse, will introduce two brand new battlesuits for Kiana and Mei along with version update 6.4. These two battlesuits have been named Herrscher of Finality and Herrscher of Origin.

This is probably the final evolution for both Kiana and Mei before the post-Honkai era begins. So, the hype surrounding these two battlesuits is quite high.

Apart from that, Kiana and Mei are the two heroines of Honkai Impact. Therefore, them getting the battlesuits at the same time in the same version update will get fans even more excited.

Mei’s battlesuit will be free, while Kiana will be obtainable from gacha in Honkai Impact 3 update 6.4

Mei’s brand new battlesuit in HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact 3 will be called Herrscher of Origin, while Kiana’s battlesuit will be called Herrscher of Finality. Both of these Herrschers will be involved in finally freeing Earth from Honkai and creating a free world for humans to live in peace.

So, there are a lot of lore implications as well for these characters. However, players will be interested to know the specifications for both of these battlesuits. The first important piece of information is that Herrscher of Origin will be available for free after completing events in version update 6.4.

Apart from that, players will be able to get one piece of her stigmata after finishing chapter 34 in version update 6.4. The other two need to be pulled from the gacha. Although, 50% of the resources used will be refunded during that.

Herrscher of Origin will be an IMG Lightning DPS/Support in Honkai Impact 3. She will primarily function as a Support for Kiana, otherwise can be used as DPS similar to Herrscher of Thunder.

On the other hand, Herrscher of Finality will be obtainable from the gacha. As always, her entire stigmata set and the weapon will be obtained from the gacha too. Kiana’s battlesuit will be an IMG Fire DPS and is expected to work very well alongside Herrscher of Origin.

This will be the second Kiana battlesuit that is going to be a Fire DPS as Herrscher of Flamescion also does the same. However, Herrscher of Finality will probably be even stronger when compared to the former

In any case, Honkai Impact 3 fans will be wondering when these two brilliant units will be released. As has been mentioned, they will come out with version 6.4, which should be released somewhere around mid-February.
In January 2023, version update 6.3 will come out with the release of Bronya’s brand new battlesuit, Herrscher of Truth.


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