Hogwarts Legacy looks prettier than the Harry Potter movies – just look at the screenshots

The films have succumbed to the elaboration of details.

Hogwarts Legacy went into early access on February 7th and was amazing with detailed Hogwarts and surroundings. The authors put all their love for the Rowling franchise into the game, and did a lot even better than in the films! Blogger ElAnalistaDeBits made a frame-by-frame comparison of Hogwarts with the surroundings in the movies and the game. The novelty exceeded all expectations! You can see the screenshots in more detail by clicking RMB – Open image in a new tab.

What actors played in Hogwarts Legacy? There’s even Ned Stark from Game of Thrones – not the one you think

How beautiful it is around!

Familiar places of worship become even more detailed

In such chic rooms you can study forever!

original video

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