Hi-Fi Rush just came out — and already claims to be GOTY. Is a bright platformer really that good?

Hi-Fi Rush just came out — and already claims to be GOTY.  Is a bright platformer really that good?

Time to play!

On January 25, the single-player platformer Hi-Fi Rush was released. The game was a big surprise: no one knew about it before the Xbox presentation. The Tango Gameworks project (the authors of The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo) was strictly classified and revealed only at the presentation, at the same time immediately releasing. January, usually weak for good news, has become a little better. I figured out the game and answer whether it is worth spending time on it.

The single player instantly won the attention of gamers: 98% of positive reviews were accumulated on Steam in a day. Players have announced rhythm game GOTY-2023: why wait for the release of Starfield and The Legend of Zelda when a great project is already available? He didn’t even have to wait!

Hi-Fi Rush: the main thing about the game

  • Genre: single player action platformer, rhythm game.
  • What is available on: PC, Xbox Series.
  • How demanding: You need a GTX 1050 graphics card and 8 Gb RAM.
  • What is the price: 300 tours Lira or 3000 Arg. pesos on Steam, $30 on Xbox.
  • In what subscriptions is it available: in Game Pass on PC and Xbox.
  • How many passes: 8-11 hours depending on the difficulty and style of the game.
  • 💯 Ratings: 98% positive reviews on Steam (541 reviews).
  • 👍 Who will like it: lovers of rhythm games and colorful worlds.
  • 👎 What are the problems: slight balance issues on max difficulty.

The hype didn’t come out of nowhere. Tango Gameworks is famous for horror games, and their leader is the great Shinji Mikami, who came up with the universes of Resident Evil and The Evil Within. Everyone was waiting for the next horror, but the studio surprised by doing an action-platformer about a guy with an armored arm who scatters robots to the beat of the music.

The game turned out as far as possible from the past work of the studio. Hi-Fi Rush oozes color: the platformer is similar to the underrated Sunset Overdrive that came out in the mid-2010s and was a rare noteworthy Xbox One exclusive.

The gameplay is also nothing: the combat is reminiscent of a lightweight DMC, but for perfect combos you need to click the buttons to the beat. An anime-themed slasher does not pretend to be anything more: these are quick fights with robots in various arenas, and the hero with the cool name Chai gradually upgrades weapons for the gears collected at the levels.

Much more important is something else. You gradually learn to hit the beat and after minutes / hours you get high from the inscription “Perfect” on the screen! The game doesn’t just pretend to be rhythm action: it’s all about the beat. The environment pulsates and moves to the rhythm of the music, even the enemies are subject to it. The platformer is ideal for complete immersion: try playing with headphones and not be distracted by extraneous sounds. Once you feel the music and its beat, you will be unstoppable!

The entourage and characters immediately set up in a positive way: during the passage, you quickly forget that a blizzard is sweeping outside the window and generally unsweetened. At the start, there are assistants who have a funny discussion and offer to practice on themselves: it’s easier to understand how different types of combos work and how to combine them with parries and dodges.

Hi-Fi Rush is generally full of humor and funny situations: we soon find a companion cat who makes amusing comments on our actions. And fans of The Prodigy, Nine Inch Nails and The Black Keys will just get high from the opportunity to fight robots to their favorite tracks!

Hi-Fi Rush will appeal to completely different gamers. If you have a Game Pass, don’t hesitate! The game is worth every penny.

Screenshots of Hi-Fi Rush

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