Hero Fighters Simulator Codes (June 2022) – Free Rewards!

In this page, we’ve put together a list of Roblox Hero Fighters Simulator, active and working in June 2022. Thanks to this list of codes, you can get a Free Rewards, that will help you advance in the game.

In Roblox Hero Fighters Simulator, you will be recruiting well-known superheroes to fight against bad guys in different worlds from a variety of different universes. As you beat up enemies, you will earn money that you can use to get better heroes! Get as many as you can and merge them together to make them even stronger.

Updated List of Hero Fighters Simulator Roblox Codes

If you are a regular player of Roblox Hero Fighters Simulator and you usually search the Internet for codes for the game, I recommend that you save this web page in the bookmarks of your browser. We will update this guide with all published codes. All code in this list was tested just before this guide was published or updated.

Don’t forget to redeem all the codes from our list as soon as possible, as they can expire at any time.

Hero Fighters Simulator

List of Hero Fighters Simulator codes (at work)

  • Heroes – Redeem code for a 2X damage buff (NEW)
  • likes_5k – Redeem code for +25% EXP for 5 Minutes
  • king.crackop – Redeem code for a 10% Coins for 2 Minutes
  • 1mvisits – Redeem code for a 10% Damage Boost for 5 Minutes
  • Fast – Redeem code for a Free Reward
  • 2kliked – Redeem code for a Free Reward
  • 1kwow – Redeem code for a Free Reward
  • 500.likes – Redeem code for 50 Coins
  • sensaic – Redeem code for 50 Coins
  • crackop – Redeem code for 50 Coins
  • welcome – Redeem code for 50 Coins

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List of Roblox Hero Fighters Simulator codes (expired)

  • Currently, we have no active and working codes

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How to Use Codes Step by Step

Redeem code

All you have to do is head into Hero Fighters Simulator and look for the Twitter button on the side of the screen. Click on it and this will open up the code redemption window. Copy one of the codes from our list, paste it into the box, and hit redeem to receive your reward

IMPORTANT: Enter the code as it is written in our list. If you don’t, the code may not work.

Where do I get more codes?

To find more codes, make sure to follow RBLXcrackop and Sensaicc on Twitter, who are the developers of the experience. You can also join the official Discord server for the game to get news, updates, and to chat with other players. Otherwise, we will be updating this wiki with all of the most recent codes, so make sure to check back frequently!

Those are all of the codes we currently have listed for Roblox Hero Fighters Simulator. If you see one that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

Last Update


Use code "Heroes" for 2X damage ⚔️ for 3 minutes!

⭐ Roblox Premium members receive a permanent luck boost! ⭐
💰Collect coins to buy tons of different heroes with their own special attacks!
🦸‍♂️Discover a bunch of new heroes like "Spiderboy" and "Thenos"!
🗺️Explore new worlds, with different heroes and villains to discover!
🗡️Battle NPC villains around each world
🦸🏾‍♀️Create your own team of heroes and level them up or merge them to make them even stronger!

👍 Thumbs up and favorite for more updates!


Sensaic - Director 
@RBLXcrackop - Programmer 
@1_wisee - VFX creator
@DisoredDev - Models & Map Maker
R_eido - Models & Map Maker
@JohanSKoYT - Anims
Inspired by AFS

This is our Roblox Fighters Simulator code list in action June 2022. If you find any code that doesn’t work or is expired, leave us a comment below so we can fix it quickly. Hopefully this guide has helped you and see you next time.


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