God of War will return in 4 parts

God of War will return in 4 parts

Finally, the incredible happened and the creators of the popular action game said when the release date of the 4th part of the God of War game will take place. Throughout its existence, the project has been released by the popular company Sony Interactive Entertainment, which is distinguished by high professionalism and a unique approach to creating products. Of course, this focus on the public allows developers to be at the peak of demand for many years.

The excitement around the upcoming release date of God of War 4 is growing, which means it’s time to analyze what awaits us in the near future. But first, we will name the day of the premiere – April 20, 2018.

As for the plot of God of War 4, here fans will continue the already well-known story that was touched upon in previous versions of the game. However, this time the composition of the characters will be slightly expanded, in which mythical creatures will appear. Each hero present not only has a set of his characteristics, but also influences the course of the game. This time Kratos will be engaged not only in fights, but also the training of the heir. His son is destined to become a real god. We will be able to find out if he will be able to do this on the day of the game’s premiere, but the creators have already announced the release date of the game. So, the appearance in the masses is scheduled for April 2018.

God of War 4

As for the custom changes in the 4 parts of the game, everything is much more interesting here. Firstly, gamers will now be able to see all the beauty of the picture from a better angle – the camera now seems to run after the hero and opens up a convenient view. Secondly, now it will be possible to control the character throughout the game, which, of course, will appeal to true action fans. By the way, developers have slightly expanded the possibilities and were able to adapt to the characteristics of not only Sony PlayStation 4, but also for Neo. Thus, this time the developers will be able to please their fans with a fresh version of the God of War game.

Despite the rather extensive amount of information, Sony Entertainment management assures that users will see the most interesting things with their own eyes. Well, what other difficulties gamers will face in the 4th part of “God of War”, you will find out after the release date of the popular game about the god of war.



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