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Ghostwire: Tokyo
Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person action-adventure game from the creators of The Evil Within series. The game will unfold in modern Tokyo. The plot begins at the famous Shibuya pedestrian crossing, when in an instant absolutely all the inhabitants of the city disappear - only the main character named Akito remains. At this moment, the area is enveloped in a mysterious fog that blurs the line between the real and the astral worlds. The hero, cut off from the rest of the world, will have to explore the transformed area and find information about the mysterious disappearance of people, about his relatives and about Hannya, the one responsible for what happened, who hid his face under a mask.

The spirit of the harsh detective Kei-Kei, who moved into Akito after the accident and helped him survive, will help the protagonist fight the monsters. Kei-Key is an experienced spirit hunter who has previously encountered Hannya. Opponents of Akito and Kei-Kei will be evil supernatural beings - Aliens. Neither bullets nor blades take them, so you will have to fight them with the help of ether flows, which are controlled by special gestures. The player will have access to three attacking elements - wind, water and fire. The first is similar to a pistol - it releases clots of ether at enemies. The second resembles a shotgun - it knocks back opponents, causing them great damage. The third is similar to a rocket launcher - it deals massive damage to anyone who enters the affected area. There is also a fourth element - earth. It is used for protection.

To open new territories, Akito will have to exorcise the filth from the torii gates scattered around the city - it is she who is the source of the fog that transferred the hero to the world of spirits. While exploring the city, players will encounter unusual phenomena reminiscent of Japanese myths and legends. On the streets of the city you can meet wandering spirits - wandering souls of the inhabitants of Tokyo who disappeared at the beginning of the game. They can be returned to the real world - special telephone booths, which were created by a friend of Kay-Key, will help the hero in this. For the return of the spirits, the character will be able to learn new skills.

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