Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Review

Genshin Impact is a single-player third-person action-RPG in a huge open world. Gacha is a game with an emphasis on collecting characters, recruiting them into a team according to their abilities, endless pumping.

At the same time a service game with a long development cycle. A single passage can be varied in a cooperative by inviting from one to three friends into your world. Regardless of the selected mode, the game requires an Internet connection for its operation.

Monetization system:

  • there are several types of in-game currency that can be purchased for real money;
  • to develop, you need to farm basic resources, artifacts, equipment, weapons — they can also be bought for real money in the store;
  • the whole farm in the game is limited by a unique resource, which is replenished per hour by a teaspoon, but for money it can be accelerated;
  • there is a combat pass that accelerates pumping and simplifies the farming of basic resources;
  • there is a premium status for a week or a month, accelerating the experience set;
  • all good high-level content opens through loot boxes, characters — only through loot boxes (called «prayers» in the game).
  • In the early days, the player is flooded with resources, rewards and characters, but after a couple of days the flow of freebies runs out, pumping slows down very much.

Game universe and open world

For the game, the studio miHoYo came up with the medieval world of Teivat, well prescribed the basic rules and laws of the world, the chronology of events and the current state of affairs in local states. You can learn more about this by visiting the library in the game and listening to the dialogues.

Teivat is ruled by 7 gods or Archons — Anemo, Geo, Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Dendro, Cryo, embodying the known elements. The game map is also divided into 7 regions, the inhabitants of which worship only one deity. Each region has a large city (capital) and several settlements, farms, and industries.

The style of the regions is unique due to the medieval culture they embody: Japan, China, India, Russia, Ancient Rome, Germany and France (including national and climatic features). There is a semblance of ideology: some like order, others like freedom, and others like financial well-being.

The game world of Genshin Impact is really spacious and large, you can explore it not just along and across, but up and down. Teivat is filled with many activities: daily and weekly tasks, killing enemies and bosses, opening chests and exploring unusual puzzles.

In the spirit of MMO, the map of each region is divided into zones with levels, on which the set of quests and enemies depends. The greater the difference between the zone level and the character level, the more difficult it is to kill even a simple mob.


Genshin Impact inherits gameplay and controls from mobile games. One button is responsible for the main attack — by pressing it several times, a combo is obtained. The other is for attacking with elemental magic. There is also an «ulta» that charges over time.

The basic part of the fighting consists of one-handed and two-handed swords, bows with magic arrows. The characters get their abilities from the elements: fire, water, wind, electricity, ice, earth and living plants. In addition to attacking spells, there are supportive and protective ones, such as healing aura or summoning a pet. The environment also reacts to magic — you can freeze water or set fire to grass.

During the battle, only one character is directly controlled, but you can switch between the heroes in the squad instantly and at any time, thereby using all types of weapons, skills and «ultimate» options.

The abilities of different characters can be linked to each other. By flooding the target with water and hitting it with fire, a «steam shock» will be triggered. Freezing the target and hitting it with lightning will result in «splitting». Or you can pour water on the target and hit it with lightning, spreading the damage. The forces of the earth help in defense and crowd control, and the forces of the air strengthen attacks.

Using bundles, you can inflict significantly more damage to the target than with a basic or magical attack. Moreover, some enemies and bosses are immune to physical or magical damage. Movement is complemented by climbing on any walls and ledges, a jerk with evasion and flying in the air. There is an endurance system.

Gacha system

It’s not easy to assemble a cool build in Genshin Impact that destroys everything in its path, because classes are associated with certain characters. And they are already tied to the gacha system. This is a monetization method in which a player receives a random set of items for a specific amount. In Genshin Impact, the chance to knock out a five-star (ultra-rare) character is 0.6%, and if you need someone specifically, for example, an earth mage, then the chance drops to hundredths of a percent.

Technically, the game can be played with free characters, who will be given out in the first few hours. But storming dungeons or performing cooperative tasks with them will be hard, better heroes are needed. For which you will have to open a lot of loot boxes, and this is a grind clock or a waste of real money.

At the same time, there are a lot of manipulative mechanics in the game that stimulate collecting characters or even wanting to get them all. Limited heroes will definitely be a long-awaited surprise. This creates dependence and makes you invest a lot of money in kawaii anime vayfu.

Plot and single player

The history of Genshin Impact is simple and full of cliches. In the prologue, the main character’s brother / sister is taken away, after which he makes every effort to return a loved one and defeat the main villain (who is evil, because it is necessary). But the script contains unusual plot twists, elaborate characters.

Secondary quests are made simply, but will please with an extraordinary approach to their implementation. You will have to be smart, discover a certain skill or accumulate game money for a bribe. There are also personal tasks from the characters in the game, which are very long.

As you complete tasks and explore the game world, the player gets several types of experience, increasing the levels of the character, friendship or adventure. The latter is the main measure of success, opens up further progress in the plot, breaks into complex dungeons and various opportunities.

All the collected content is used to improve what is already available, as if the player is feeding unnecessary weapons or equipment to his useful items. Similarly with characters — knocking out a duplicate of it must be «superimposed» on an existing hero, thereby elevating him. This will greatly enhance the characteristics and unlock additional talent.

Pumping of any element is additionally divided into stages, it will not be possible to pump only weapons or heroes, everything needs to be developed in parallel, otherwise development will simply stop.

Cooperative mode

Opens at the sixteenth adventure level. The mode is cross-platform, the team can have friends from any gaming device. The characters are distributed according to the number of participants. The cooperative offers its own set of quests:

  • daily errands;
  • clearing dungeons full of enemies;
  • summon difficult bosses in quests like «Ley Line«;
  • hunt for wandering monsters and bosses in the open world.

A successful cooperative game requires knowledge of your abilities and connections with other characters, good equipment. At the time of the release, there was no PvP mode planned in Genshin Impact.
In the cooperative, the «Spiral Abyss», plot and additional quests are not available for the whole team. Only the host will receive rewards for the tests, he can also open chests, collect collectibles.


  • content updates are regularly released, adding new regions, enemies, tasks, and cooperative opportunities; The game is cross-platform, works confidently on PC, PS4, Android and iOS devices.


  • Long loading, heating of weak devices


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