Genshin Impact The Chasm: Guide for New Region

The Chasm is an upcoming area that will appear in Genshin Impact, and we have everything you need to know about these ancient ruins, including maps, puzzles and mechanisms, as well as deadly enemies.

The Chasm, which has been sealed, has experienced unknown shifts in recent days. Muning, the Ministry of Civil Affairs representative, is getting worried.
To calm the disturbances below, an adventurous Exploration Team is formed to head down into the depths.
Go to The Chasm and clear a path for a new adventure.

Genshin Impact’s Chasm is an expansion that Mihoyo has hinted at since way back before Inazuma arrived. Like Dragonspine is to Mondstadt, and Enkanomiya is to Inazuma, the Chasm is set to expand the territories of Liyue, potentially bridging the gap to the new region of Genshin Impact’s Sumeru.

Here’s what you need to know about going to The Chasm.

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Genshin Impact The Chasm Map

The Chasm

The Chasm is an area located west of Lisha, Liyue, and is the primary source of ores in the nation. Recently, a series of mysterious accidents led the entire mine to be closed, putting its workers out of a job for the time being.

Esther remarks that the Chasm’s climate is completely different from the rest of Liyue, though she does not give any details as to how.

Most of the area is currently inaccessible, with only a small area leading to the entrance available for the time being. Additional parts of the area will be released in Version 2.6

Map The Chasm
Map The Chasm

The Chasm: The Surface Gude – New Mechanics and Mechanisms

According to legend, the Chasm was formed by a falling star somewhere around 6000 years ago. This meteorite had a “proud and agitated temper,” and during the Archon War, the constant strife caused this meteorite to leap back into the heavens, leaving behind the massive expanse that was the Chasm. Dunyu Ruins was created by a fragment of this same meteorite. Due to special geological conditions, possibly as a result of the meteorite, the soil and vegetation in the area has a distinctive color, while unique fluorescent plants have thrived inside. Glazed Sand Crystals are a specialty of the area, used in creating porcelain. Legends also said that this was the area where Morax and Azhdaha clashed in battle.

Sometime during or after the Archon War, the people of Liyue came to the area to mine. Azhdaha, who resided inside, greatly suffered when the humans disturbed the Ley Lines within. Morax, Mountain Shaper, Moon Carver, and a third unknown adeptus would fight the crazed elemental being, fighting their way down to the deepest depths of the Chasm, which also resulted in the creation of Dragonfall. After Azhdaha was sealed, humans returned to the Chasm once more to mine.

In Liyue, the Chasm and Dunyu Ruins are two known locations majorly impacted by the cataclysm. Monsters poured out of the Chasm and in response, Morax sent the Millelith to defend and evacuate the miners. An unnamed yaksha — who had once abandoned their duty to defend Liyue — returned to fight alongside the Millelith. The yaksha and Millelith who chose to lead the vanguard ultimately perished in battle. What occurred in Dunyu Ruins is unknown, but its people decided to abandon the city and move to Liyue Harbor; none of the refugees nor adepti have spoken about what happened there.

In recent times, a mysterious series of accidents has led to the Chasm being closed entirely despite its wealth. Hilichurls have taken over the area outside the Chasm and even Treasure Hoarders are scouting it as a result of less activity. Treasure Hoarder Crushers were originally miners from the Chasm. Recent exploration has also led to the inexplicit discovery and awakening of Ruin Serpents that originally lied dormant in the mines.

Genshin Impact Spoutrocks

There are a lot of lifts left over from the miners scattered all over the Chasm. In addition, there are special springboard stones inflated with air in the location. One has only to step on such a stone, it immediately enhances your jumps. This will allow you to climb up faster.


This adds mobility and verticality to the game, because the area consists of many ledges, cliffs and hills.

Spoutrocks in action

Bedrock key Genshin Impact

If you wish to enter the Chasm, you might find some way to dispel the magical array set up by the Liyue Qixing. The key to accomplishing such a deed lies in destroying the Bedrock Keys that surround the area…

Bedrock key

Cage-Shaped Geo Formations Genshin Impact

These are natural precipitates that occur around the Bedrock Keys used to seal The Chasm. When outside forces powered by a Geogranum hit them, they will fire crystal projectiles.

Cage-Shaped Geo Formations

The firing direction is related to the direction from which they took a hit. The crystal projectiles willl havea special effect on the Bedrock Key.

Bedrock Key unlock

Unique Rock Pillars Genshin Impact

Legend has it that tese are scars left over from an ancient battle. When hit by explosions or blunt force trauma, they can cause a “resonant quake” with other similar rock pillars and certain Geo Constructs.
There are also some large rock pillars distributed troughout The Chasm. Travelers nneed to pay attention to observe the surrounding environment and use resonansces to solve the puzzles accordingly.

Unique Rocks Genshin Impact

A mysterious, uniquely-shaped rock related to the special rock pillars nearby. It seems to be able to receive a certain resonance from those pillars. Perhaps the number of symbols on that rock have something to do with the number of resonances it receives in a short period of time…

Glowing pyramids

In The Chasm, when a certain mechanism is pressed and triggered, you can see these faintly glowing pyramids. Move in the direction of their extension and you may be able to find the traces of Treasure Chests.

Genshin Impact Lumenstone Adjuvant

Lumenstone Adjuvant
When equipped in The Chasm’s Underground Mines, this precious crystal can provide illumination.

It has many similarities to the Glazed Sand Crystal that may only be found within The Chasm,
but it stores even greater power within it.
May it be as a sun in your palm, lighting the way through the lightless tunnels and bringing comfort where all is dark.

Guide in progress….


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