Fortnite Update 20.10 Today – Patch Notes (April 5th, 2022)

The Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 20.10 update is almost here, so let’s take a look at some of the changes that will be arriving with the patch.

Fortnite chapter 3 season 2 launched just over two weeks ago, and for the most part, seems to be well received. There will always be a section of the player base that isn’t happy with the state of the game, but the majority of players are happy for several reasons.

The two new mechanics, tactical sprint and mantling, are a big part of why players are happy. It’s also due to the fact that Epic Games removed building from core game modes for over nine days.

Originally, building was only supposed to be removed from the game for nine days, but after Epic Games tried to add back the feature that made the game popular, they realised there were issues preventing from doing so.

However, building eventually returned on Saturday, 2nd April. With the return of building, Epic decided to make a separate LTM that allows players to add to their win streak if they’re playing the zero build mode.

Epic has something to build on in chapter 3 season 2, and they’ll start that tomorrow with the release of the first new major Fortnite update in season 2, v20.10. Here are some early patch notes for the new Fortnite update.

Fortnite 20.10 Patch Notes

Thanks to the community Trello Board for Fortnite, we know a lot of the bug fixes and updates coming in the patch.

As and when the official patch notes are out, we’ll be sure to update this piece with all the information, so be sure to check back here.

Fortnite General Top Issues

  • Vehicles may stutter and jerk when driving in Battle Royale or Creative
  • The Low Mesh setting is not working as intended
  • Running Fortnite using DirectX 12 results in slow performance.
  • Xbox players using Keyboard and Mouse may stop moving when pressing a mouse button

Fortnite Battle Royale Top Issues

  • Unable to use Ziplines between wind turbines on Windbreakers Island
  • Vaults at Seven Outposts do not open
  • Fishing Collection Book Resetting
  • Previews in the Item Shop map appear tilted
  • Last season’s quests may be displayed in the Tracked Quests on the HUD
  • Back Blings ‘floating’ on some outfits
  • Bushrangers leaves shed excessively after sliding
  • Match end UI occasionally missing from the screen
  • Opening the Map or Quests while using Split-screen causes the 2nd player’s view to turn black
  • Leaving a Boat while boosting on land may cause controllers to Vibrate

Fortnite Creative Top Issues

  • Some Items missing Guard tags in Creative.
  • Joining a Creative game in progress may lock the new player out until the round ends
  • Unable to Control Quadcrasher While Flying
  • Further Creative Mode issues with:
    • Vending Machines
    • Tracker Device
    • Play Counter Device
    • Dialogue Pop-Up Device
    • Spawn Pads

Fortnite Save the World Top Issues

  • Destroyed beds are not being counted towards quest completion
  • Map/Lobby in STW looks very bright sometimes
  • Storm Shield Bases reset after leaving
  • Placing a BluGlo Siphon may cause crashes (Performance Mode Only)
  • Wolves and Raptors are missing their combat passive abilities
  • Players are unable to re-do repeatable quest after completing them


Battle lines are tested, an old favorite gets a new purpose, and a new AR is set to enter the fray. Introducing the Fortnite v20.10 update, check it out by playing either no-building Zero Build playlists or the recently returned Battle Royale playlists. That’s right – building is back on the island!


The Daily Bugle

IO and Resistance forces have gathered at The Daily Bugle in a major skirmish on the Island. Drop in and help the Resistance push back to gain amazing loot for the whole squad! Just be careful, Huntmaster Saber is on the prowl overhead.


The Heavy Sniper Rifle is back in business and has been overhauled to combat the recent rampage of vehicles. Its high-caliber rounds now deal bonus damage to vehicles, making it the perfect tool to dismantle a Titan or breach an opponent’s defenses from long range.

Fortnite Heavy Sniper Rifle

Heavy Sniper Rifles can be found in chests, rare chests, and supply drops at Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities.  Be it a distant opponent or vehicle’s armored hull – none last long in the Heavy Sniper Rifle’s sights.


Grab those Bars and let your voice be heard – Donation Boards are open for funding! The Resistance trial period for the MK-Seven Assault Rifle and Combat Assault Rifle is over and now only one can stay on the Island. 

Which one? You decide! 

Fortnite MK Seven Assault Rifle Vs Combat Assault Rifle

Donation Boards can be found at all major POIs pitting the two Assault Rifles against one another. Head to one and contribute Bars to the item you’d like to see the Resistance assemble en masse. First choice to reach 100% Funded based on everyone’s global contributions will win and enter the loot pool immediately!


A balance update last week made meaningful adjustments to the following items:

  • Combat and Stinger SMG damage to players and structures reduced
  • Combat SMG headshot damage reduced to match the Stinger
  • MK-Seven and Combat Assault Rifle damage to players and structures reduced
  • Titan tanks and Cow Catchers have been removed from competitive playlists.


  • Wins are now correctly tracked in the Career Leaderboard tab.
  • Fixed an issue with Resistance Quests where players could not progress into Week 2.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause vehicles to stutter and jerk when driving on flat terrain.
  • The Fishing Collection Book no longer resets between matches and correctly saves progress. 
  • Fixed an issue where last season’s quests displayed as tracked on the HUD if no other quests were tracked.
  • Players are now able to use the Ziplines between wind turbines on Windbreakers Island.
  • In order to maintain optimal performance, certain legacy or unsupported drivers will now default to Performance Mode when launching Fortnite.


  • The Heavy Sniper Rifle is not included in competitive playlists.
  • The winner of the MK-Seven Assault Rifle vs Combat Assault Rifle vote will not immediately be unvaulted in competitive playlists when they’ve reached 100% Funded.
  • The Daily Bugle is not under assault in competitive playlists, but Huntmaster Saber has still relocated.


Although not all these issues above will be fixed in the 20.10 update, it does give us a good, early idea for what kind of fixes the update will bring.

The v20.10 adds a new weapon to take care of those pesky vehicles, and an update to the Wildlife, Creature, and Guard spawners. 


20BR S20 Week2 3 MOTDs HomingRocket 1900x600

Rock vehicles with the Anvil Rocket Launcher. With the Anvil Rocket Launcher, look into its scope and lock onto your vehicle target. Once your target’s locked, fire a rocket that’ll go flying its way!


We’ve increased the max health of Wildlife, Creatures and Guards by up to 10 times the previous amount! 


  • Additional fantasy music added to the Radio device, and sfx to the Speaker device.


20CM DrillandBlimpProps Social

  • Added 6 New Prefabs
    • IO Blimp
    • The Fortress
    • 4 Command Cavern Prefabs
  • Added 10 New Galleries
    • 3 IO Blimp Galleries
    • 2 The Fortress Galleries
    • 4 Command Cavern Galleries
  • Rocket League Prop Gallery
  • Added prison assets to The Shark Wall Gallery, The Shark Floor & Stair Gallery and The Shark Prop Gallery.
  • Added a sand dune fence to Sweaty Sands Prop Gallery.

Known issues: We’re aware of an issue that will prevent creators from opening the detailed view of the following galleries.

  • Sweaty Sands Prop Gallery
  • The Shark Wall Gallery
  • The Shark Floor & Stair Gallery
  • The Shark Prop Gallery
  • The Shark Rock Gallery Large
  • The Shark Rock Gallery
  • The Shark Cliff Gallery


  • Fixed an issue that caused rocks from the Scorched galley to have no textures.
  • Fixed issues with Tall Grass Galleries, where a bundle of grass could be destroyed by weapons and bundles would float above the ground when placed.
  • Fixed an issue with assets in the Glass Prop Gallery, from displaying the correct customization name.
  • Fixed a shadow casting issue with the Torchlight, from the Ambient Gallery.
  • Fixed a texture issue with the fuel tank from EGO prefabs.
  • Fixed an issue where an ArtDeco pillar would give the wrong resource material.
  • Fixed an issue where some mushrooms, in the Resource Prop Gallery, were not showing health/damage.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the sentry device to slide down uneven surfaces.
  • Option to disable color glow and sound effect on the damage amplifier power up.


  • Fixed an issue on Survival Island that caused lakes and other water to appear invisible.


  • Fixed an issue where new islands made with the Frosty Fortress starter island did not have mantling, sprint, and shoulder bash on by default.
  • Fixed an issue with some cosmetics that appeared as a bright glow when using the Visual Effect powerup.
  • Fixed an issue that caused vehicles to often hit an invisible wall.
  • Fixed an issue with join in progress for certain team-specific devices.
  • Fixed a texture issue on fuel tanks.
  • Fixed an issue where a player who was eliminated from a game could respawn on a different island.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Team Settings and Inventory to override health restoration settings when switching teams. 


  • Fixed a missing icon issue with the ice block from the Ice House Gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with being open to open General Props Gallery A in inventory.


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