Fntastic showed in 6 minutes how The Day Before has changed over four years of development

Fntastic showed in 6 minutes how The Day Before has changed over four years of development

On the evening of February 16, the Yakut studio Fntastic, with the support of the MyTona publishing house, presented the promised video about the development of its MMO shooter with elements of survival and the open world The Day Before. To avoid still unresolved trademark issues, the game is simply referred to as TDB in the video.

Image Source: Fntastic

The 6-minute video retells the story of the game «communication team member» Fntastic Dana Soltangazinova. Development started in early 2019. At that stage, the project was distinguished by stylized graphics and winter surroundings, but the basics (characteristics of the hero, search of houses, cars and interaction with other players) were in place.

In 2020, the team decided «get over yourself» and made «a real breakthrough», «fully» changing The Day Before: updating the graphic style to make it more down to earth and realistic, going beyond small settlements and creating a large city with skyscrapers.

Since the release of the announcement trailer in January 2021, the team has reworked all of the characters’ outfits, equipment, weapons, provided zombies with additional animations (including for female characters) based on motion capture and a realistic dismemberment system.

Among other things, Fntastic redesigned vehicles and increased their number, updated the textures of hundreds of buildings and other objects, improved AI, controls and shooting, as well as introduced new mechanics (character editor, traits), quests (our sources say otherwise) and locations «world hub».

  Fntastic also did a 'great job' on the multiplayer part of the game.

Fntastic also did a ‘great job’ on the multiplayer part of the game.

“It has been a long and exciting journey (four years of development — approx.). And we believe that after the release of the game we will give people faith that in this life, if you persevere in pursuit of a dream, it will come true, despite all the obstacles and doubts in your path.— said Soltangazinova in the video.

The Day Before premieres on PC on November 10 this year. Ahead of the November release, Soltangazinova claims, the developers will talk about character customization, quests, the world center, building a base, interacting with other players, and so on.

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