Film “King Arthur: The Sword”

Film “King Arthur: The Sword”

We will talk about the next masterpiece of the famous director Guy Ritchie, or rather, the release date of the film King Arthur’s Sword, which will soon appear on your screens. Film company Warner Bros. decided to make a film about the legendary character – Arthur.

King Arthur’s Sword release date set for May 11, 2017. And on this day the film will be released not only in Russia, but also in Ukraine.

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As you know, there are many legends about the knights of the round table and their leader Arthur. Also, many people know about the legendary Excalibur, which is endowed with magical powers and that only a true king can possess it. But in this movie the main character is the leader of a gang of swindlerswho trade in Londinium (now London). The guy knows nothing about his origin and tries to just live his life. But one day, the evil ruler forces Arthur to join his ranks. He will try to pull the legendary sword out of the stone, which he succeeds. He does not want to be someone’s pawn and tries to resist the king and disobey his orders.

King Arthur sword

What the young hero finds out further is simply shocking, and his whole life and plans change in an instant. The owner of the sword will know that he is the true ruler, not the traitor who killed his parents and took the throne of the king. How this story will end, you can find out after the release date.



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