FIFA released a card for Gullit’s son. He was given the status of a legendary father

FIFA released a card for Gullit’s son.  He was given the status of a legendary father

Inexpensive assembly.

EA often surprises FIFA players. This time, the company made an unusual IPK: it issued a special card for Gullit’s son and gave her the characteristics of a star father. Is it worth collecting?

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Ruud Gullit is a legendary Dutch midfielder. His son also plays football

At the peak of his career, Ruud Gullit played for the Italian Milan and won three Serie A championships with him, and won the 1988 European Championship with the national team and received the 1992 European Championship bronze. Gullit became famous for his versatility. The midfielder scored a lot, sometimes played a false forward, and also defended well and even went down to defense.

Rud’s son Maxim also became a footballer. The 21-year-old Dutchman went through the AFC and AZ schools, made his debut in the Eredivisie for the modest Cambur. Maxim received a high height (191 cm) from his father, but plays on the left and in the center of defense. So far, he rarely comes out — only seven incomplete matches in two seasons of the national league.

Maxim Gullit is a copy of his father. But his card lacks a unique model and chemistry

Gullit’s card is the dream of all fifers. Roode is the perfect midfielder: he runs fast, passes well, shoots on goal with both feet, and his huge height and physical data give him an advantage in martial arts. Maxim received a card with the stats of his father’s basic idol. Even alternative positions and five stars of the weak leg coincided.

The most obvious difference is the card leagues. Rud Gullit is suitable for any lineup, and Maxim will have to be linked. He will need a few Dutch and Eredivisie players for teamwork. In addition, the cards have additional indicators. Maxim starts faster (85 vs. 77), but much slower at a distance (75 vs. 82). The new card has better tackling and feels a little lighter. Maxim Gullit keeps the center of the field well, but you will not get aesthetic pleasure from playing for the unique Rud model.

* * *

The Maxim Gullit color card assembly costs about 30,000 coins and is available until January 12th. Will you collect it?

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