FIFA has released the Future Stars team. What happened to the first “Future Stars”?

Not everyone has a career.

Events are constantly coming out in FIFA 23. Future Stars is a festival of young talents in the Ultimate Team. Players with a low rating get the characteristics of the stars they can achieve in the future. But how often does EA guess with the heroes of the event?

We talk about the fate of ten “Future Stars” from FIFA 19.

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Vinicius Junior

Real Madrid scouts spotted the swift-footed Vinicius at Flamengo. In the summer of 2018, the Brazilian moved to the Madrid club for 45 million euros and played for Castilla for the first few months. Soon, the Brazilian was allowed into the club’s rotation, but in the first seasons he looked like a headless horseman: he made cool passes and finished moments poorly. The Brazilian’s acquaintance with Carlo Ancelotti changed his career. In the 2021/22 season, Vinicius made 27 assists in La Liga and became a global star. In FIFA 23, he received a rating of 86.

Matthijs de Ligt

Matthijs de Ligt is the star of Ajax’s daring 2018/19 season. The young centre-back proved himself in the attacking model of Ten Hag and received a winter upgrade to 83s. EA gave the Dutchman an impressive Future Stars card and guessed it – a couple of months later, de Ligt played in the semi-finals of the Champions League. The transfer to Juventus slowed down the progress of the defender. De Ligt came out at the base, but made noticeable mistakes. In 2022, Matthijs went to Bayern for a new challenge.

Houssem Aouar

A few years ago, Lyon playmaker Houssem Aouar was considered a very promising player. The Frenchman consistently scored 10 points in the goal + pass system in Ligue 1 and attracted the attention of top clubs. Years passed, but there was no transfer. In the last couple of years, Auar passed. In the new season, he was often injured and turned into a rotation player. It looks like the path of former Lyon star Nabil Fekir awaits him.

Jadon Sancho

Jadon Sancho is one of the best young players of the late 2010s. The Englishman left for Borussia D and lit up for several seasons in a row. Man United bought Sancho for a huge 85 million euros. Then something strange happened: Jadon lost his speed and the magic of feints. Ten Hag believes in Sancho and is giving him chances for now, but EA has already downgraded his current rating from 87 to 83.

Philip Foden

In the winter of 2019, the fans did not know Phil Foden well. The English prodigy occasionally came on as a substitute and did not please with bright effective actions. A couple of years later, everything changed. Foden has become an important City player with a transfer fee of €110m. Pep was right!

Luka Jovic

Real Madrid failed the first season without Ronaldo and was desperately looking for a striker. In the summer of 2019, the “creamy” gave 63 million euros for the Eintracht striker Luka Jovic. The purchase after one successful season left fans bewildered, and they were right. Jovic scored 3 goals in 51 games and left as a free agent. Now the Serb is trying to save his career at Fiorentina.


At the time of the release of the first team of Future Stars, Arthur was called Xavi’s successor. The Brazilian passed well at close range and felt tiki-taka, but over time, his disadvantages were revealed – an insipid game in creation and poor progress. A couple of years later, Arthur left for Juventus and settled in the rotation, and this season he went on loan to the crisis Liverpool and disappeared.

Patrick Cutrone

The star of Patrick Cutrone lit up unexpectedly. Milan were in an endless crisis, so the club’s 18 goals in the 2017/18 season gave the fans hope. Time passed, but Cutrone did not gain a foothold in the base. The Italian has played for Wolverhampton, Fiorentina, Valencia and Empoli, and has spent the last six months at Como in Serie B. The outbreak was short-lived.

Eder Militao

Eder Militao is another example of Porto’s scouting work. The Brazilian played on the right in Sao Paulo, but a year later in Portugal he turned into an elite central defender. Real Madrid intercepted him for 50 million euros. The first years of Militao were hampered by high competition, but last season he became an important player in the royal club and won the Champions League.

Matteo Guendouzi

Matteo Guendouzi joined Arsenal after the departure of Arsene Wenger. The French midfielder impressed fans with his drive and intransigence, but over time, questions arose about his football qualities. The situation was complicated by the disgusting nature of Guendouzi: the Frenchman laughed at the salaries of rivals and soon got tired of Mikel Arteta. Now Guendouzi is an important player for Marseille, but he is unlikely to be called back to a top club.


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