FIFA 23 top talents. Mbappe is the sole leader, but Haaland and Pedri are very close

FIFA 23 top talents. Mbappe is the sole leader, but Haaland and Pedri are very close

Richmond has a couple of young stars.

FIFA career player ratings are changing. 30-year-old football players are losing performance, and young geeks are rapidly pumping skills. Who made it to FIFA 23’s top young talent list?

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FIFA 23 Most Talented Young Players

  1. Kylian Mbappe («PSG») — 95
  2. Erling Holland (Manchester City) — 94
  3. Pedri («Barcelona») — 93
  4. Philip Foden (Manchester City) — 92
  5. Vinicius Junior («Real») — 92
  6. Gianluigi Donnarumma («PSG») — 92
  7. Florian Wirtz (Bayer) — 91
  8. Kai Havertz (Chelsea) — 91
  9. Dusan Vlahovic (Juventus) — 91
  10. Jude Bellingham («Borussia D») — 91

• Kylian Mbappé is the highest potential player in FIFA 23 (95). City’s Erling Haaland and Barcelona’s Pedri are very close with 94 and 93 points. One bad season and Mbappe will be caught up.

• Talented ‘oldies’ over 23 — Barcelona’s Frenkie de Jong (92), Man City’s Ruben Dias (91) and… Richmond’s Jamie Tartt (91)! That’s right: Ted Lasso has star potential and could be your favorite as a coach.

• What potentials have other Richmond players got? In addition to the stellar Tartt, Sam Obisanya (88) and Dani Rojas (85) gave a high pumped rating. The rest of the Richmond players were considered average by EA.

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• Back to the real world. The main young talents of football countries were: Mbappe in France (95), Donnarumma in Italy (92), Vinicius in Brazil (92), Pedri in Spain (92), Foden in England (92), Wirtz and Havertz in Germany (91 each). ), Felix and Leau in Portugal (90 each). Argentines have the weakest potential: Enzo Fernandez and Thiago Almada grow to just 87 points.

• The best junior under 18 — Barcelona central midfielder Gavi (89). The top 4 included Alberto Moleiro from Las Palmas, Ryan Cherki from Lyon and Youssouf Mukoko from Borussia D (all 88 each).

• Aston Villa’s Josh Fini and Inter Miami’s Felipe Valencia saw the highest potential growth. Both players will not become stars, but they cost a penny and are upgraded by 25 points. A good career option for a team from the lower leagues of England.

• The most popular young player in the world — Haaland (1729 likes on Futbin). Vinicius (1288) and Anthony (881) were in the top three fifer favorites. The most disliked are the selfish Mbappe (-1719) and Trent Alexander-Arnold (-110), who started the season poorly. City rookie Julian Alvarez (-94) also got a card — the players did not appreciate the young striker’s sharp decrease in speed.

• Whose talent is rated the lowest by EA? Junye Zhang from the Chinese Shenzhen is pumped by only six points to 53. In real life, Junye is worth only 25 thousand euros and has never played in the Super League.

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