FIFA 23 top 10 scorers. Mbappe and Krish far behind, Liverpool striker wins

Half play in the Premier League.

FIFA 23 is the most popular part of the series. More than 10 million gamers played in the first week, and sales of the new game grew by 10%. Fifers have played billions of matches in three months! We will tell you which strikers scored more than others.

The rating is based on cross-platform Futbin statistics on the average number of goals per match. The top takes into account the gold cards of attackers who have accumulated at least 50,000 games. You can see last year’s selection here.

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10th place. Gabriel Jesus (83) – 0.94 goals per game

Gaby Jesus is a popular player in the latest parts of FIFA. The Brazilian has balanced stats and high efficiency, and his technique is generally one of the best among the attackers. Statistics have shown that the 3⭐ weak leg is an overrated problem.

Price: 850 coins.

9th place. Matheus Cunha (81) – 0.95 goals per game

You hardly remember Matheus Kunya. The striker played brightly for Hertha, but wilted at Atlético and went on loan to Wolverhampton. In FIFA, he got a good card, which lacks only balance. Now Cunha is clearly inferior to former teammate Angel Correa and is almost never found in the squads.

Price: 700 coins.

6th-8th place. Inaki Williams (81) – 0.96 goals per game

Inaki Williams changed his football nationality to participate in the 2022 World Cup for Ghana and did not receive an upgrade from the backhand, so interest in him decreased. Williams’ secret hasn’t changed – the 94 sprint does magic on the pitch.

Price: 700 coins.

6th-8th place. Richarlison (81) – 0.96 goals per game

Richarlison’s effectiveness is inexplicable. The Brazilian got a poor card with low speed, average shots and dribbling that barely saves a 5⭐ weak foot. It’s time to call the card unplayable, but because of the love for the Premier League, some fifers took Richarlison in the first builds. 0.96 goals per match is an excellent result for such stats.

Price: 700 coins.

6th-8th place. Robert Lewandowski (91) – 0.96 goals per game

Robert Lewandowski is the only top forward in our selection. Haaland (0.89), Ronaldo (0.82) and Mbappe (0.76) have played tens of millions of matches, but huge fan interest has blurred their statistics. Lewandowski is chosen by more experienced players. 0.96 over three million matches is an incredible number for a low speed card (75). Robert is great!

Price: 60 thousand coins.

5th place. Goncalo Guedes (82) – 0.97 goals per game

Gonçalo Guedes is the opening of FIFA 23. The Portuguese were strengthened by shots (83) and moved to the center, so he became one of the best strikers in the Premier League. Heading and balance during dribbling are Goncalo’s weaknesses, and links to the Wolves players are rather a plus – Mateus Nunesh and Adama Traore are tearing Ultimate Team apart!

Price: 750 coins.

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4th place. Anthony Martial (80) – 0.98 goals per game

Martial’s card has lost four ranking points in two years, but due to the popularity of the Premier League, players still put the Frenchman in the squad. Anthony is a typical average player, besides, he fizzles out too quickly. Better not linger on his card!

Price: 700 coins.

3rd place. Luis Muriel (82) – 1.00 goals per game

Only three forwards with more than a goal per game were in the top. Third place went to the only striker from Serie A – Luis Muriel. The Colombian striker has long been helping out newcomers to the Ultimate Team. He is fast, finishes well from any position and feints, but he only plays in the Italian league.

Price: 750 coins.

2nd place. Timo Werner (82) – 1.04 goals per game

Timo Werner returned to the Bundesliga but remained a popular FUT player. His uncomplicated runner card is easily boosted by Bombardier, and his 4⭐ weak foot makes him more stable than the competition. In addition, the German has fantastic link partners at Leipzig: Klostermann, Guardiol and Laimer.

Price: 750 coins.

1st place. Darwin Nunez (82) – 1.06 goals per game

Darwin Nunes didn’t get off to a good start at Liverpool. There were also problems in FIFA: the star Uruguayan went to England for 80 million euros, but received a realistic model in FUT only in January. The stats were also average – 3 ⭐ skill/weak leg and poor balance. Darwin was rescued by a long acceleration. It imbued in the first months after the release, and the Uruguayan under the “Hawk” burst into the penalty area and resembled a mini-Holand.

Price: 750 coins.


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