FIFA 23 release date — trailer, screenshots, details

FIFA 23 release date — trailer, screenshots, details

The Canadian company Electronic Arts announced that the best version of the FIFA game, FIFA 23, will appear in the near future. The game also promises a full-fledged cross-play, which is currently being tested on PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia. There are rumors that the game may become free. The developers promise two game modes for the World Cup.

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FIFA 23 release date

A few days ago, the developers still announced the release date of the game. The official release date for EA’s soccer game is September 30th. It will be available immediately on all platforms.

FIFA 23 Game Trailer

Along with the release date, fans were also shown a trailer for the game, from which you can find out many details about the upcoming game — crossplay, men’s and women’s World Championships, updated free kick mechanics, penalties and corners, etc.

FIFA 23 Screenshots

We present to your attention the screenshots of FIFA 23.

What’s new in FIFA 23

A feature of the new version of the game will be the addition of women’s teams, which will appear in all major tournaments. Hypermotion technology has been improved. The developers capture the animation and movements of the players directly from the cameras of the stadiums where the matches took place. Now the players in the game are more realistic. It also became known that the new version will have exclusive content from the World Cup. An online career mode will also be coming to FIFA 23.

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