FIFA 23 introduced cheat corners. The ball flies to the attacker’s head!

Working way.

Update: after the January patch, the reception no longer works.

A month has passed since the release of FIFA 23. Players learned new standards and opened up meta kicks with the outside of the foot, which replaced finesses. But many missed one important feature. Here’s how to take perfect corners in FIFA 23.

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How to perform cheat corners?

After the introduction of the system of precise aiming at the ball, the set pieces became much more dangerous. After a couple of weeks, the players found a unique combination for corner kicks.

For our serve, we need a player with a working foot that coincides with the flank of the corner. Press the arrow to the field line, move the right stick in the direction of the working leg to the end and move the pointer from the “cheek down” position to the “cheek with a twist” zone with a minimum deviation from the middle. The last step is four divisions of the impact force.

Be careful: if you lower the trigger a little lower, the cheating canopy will no longer work and the ball will fly far from the penalty area. Practice the technique in the basic exercise “The Pinnacle of Excellence” in the “Moments” mode. If you did everything right, then the ball will be magnetized to the attacker’s head and he will deliver a dangerous blow. Defenders react poorly to such a pitch, and every third ball is guaranteed to fly into the goal.

Which players are suitable for a corner? How do different schemes work?

We advise you to find a couple of cool standard performers with different legs for the line-up. Although almost any football players are suitable for a dangerous corner: both players with an average skill of 75-80, and silver players with whom you complete special game tasks. The effectiveness will decrease, but the reception will still be activated.

Cheating corner is good for schemes with any number of attackers. The ball will fly to one of the forwards at the goal line, so you need a card with high jumping and heading skills. Powerful hitters with a long sprint type are great, but mid-sized scorers can also handle tricky serves.

* * *

EA Sports does not consider this cross a bug, so you will be able to use it until the end of the season. Good luck!


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