FIFA 23 has top graphics. Messi, Holland and other stars — as if alive!

FIFA 23 has top graphics.  Messi, Holland and other stars — as if alive!

The new hair shaders are impressive.

FIFA 23 is out in early access. EA Sports hasn’t focused on improving the graphics, but PC players have noticed a major change. The textures of the new generation of consoles and hair shaders have significantly transformed the models of football players. We compared the faces of the top players in FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 — the difference is huge!

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Lionel Messi, PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo, Man United

Kylian Mbappé, PSG

Robert Lewandowski, Barcelona

Karim Benzema, Real Madrid

Kevin de Bruyne, Man City

Neymar, PSG

Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool

Son Heung-min, Tottenham

Harry Kane, Tottenham

Erling Haaland, Man City

* * *

How do you like the player models in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23’s best defenders. Van Dijk leads by a margin, Cancelo breaks both flanks

Best midfielders in FIFA 23. De Bruyne is the leader of the rating, Bernardo made it to the top 10

FIFA 23 best strikers. Benzema is the first, and Messi and Ronaldo are no longer in the top three

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