Far Cry 5 release date and system requirements

Far Cry 5 release date and system requirements

An active discussion of an exciting shooter has recently begun on forums and social networks. And all because we found out the release date of the 5th part of Far Cry, which means that interest in the game is growing with renewed vigor. Of course, gamers need to find out what requirements the creators place on the platforms for this shooter, as well as where the plot will be directed this time.

To begin with, we would like to name the day when the exact release date of the game Far Cry 5 will take place, according to unofficial sources, the premiere is scheduled for March 27, 2018.

By the way, after watching the trailer for the upcoming premiere, all Ubisoft fans were divided into two parts. One half is sure that Far Cry will inevitably go down, and finally, but their opponents argue that only these developers manage to produce such high-quality products. Right now we will try to figure out what caused so many controversial statements, also on our website you will find the exact release date and system requirements of your favorite game.

As for the plot – everything is predictable and clear.. The developers decided not to invent anything new, but simply continued to develop the line from the previous parts. The protagonist finds himself in a fictional city, where from now on he will work as an assistant to the local sheriff. He becomes aware that for several years the district has been under the yoke of sectarians who want to establish their own rules. Players will have to enter into a fierce confrontation in order to destroy the plans of Eden and infect the inhabitants with a sense of justice.

Far Cry 5

Despite the desire to stick to the strategy of the past, the creators of this masterpiece will please gamers with some innovations. For example, the choice of transport will expand – from boats to airplanes (the latter, by the way, will be cut not only as a means of transportation, but also as part of the plot). The hero will master unexpected combat skills using hired killers and tamed animals. Among other things, gamers will be able to embark on an adventure together – after all, Ubisoft added the ability to play two people at once.

Fans will be able to take advantage of all the new features in March 2018. Well, what other surprises await you in the 5th part of the Far Cry game, you will find out after the release date of the famous shooter.

Preliminary system requirements for the game

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