Excessive stocks of laptops have accumulated in Russia – prices will fall until autumn

More than a million unsold laptops have accumulated in the warehouses of distributors in Russia. According to Kommersant with reference to market participants, among the “surpluses” are not only Russian and Chinese brands, but also models of Taiwanese MSI and American HP that turned out to be unclaimed. It is not excluded that the reason for the accumulation of surpluses lies in the rush purchases by distributors in the spring of last year.

  Image Source: Mika Baumeister/unsplash.com

Image Source: Mika Baumeister/unsplash.com

If in March 2022 distributors began to buy up computer equipment for the future, now the chains of parallel imports and supplies of products from alternative vendors have already been established. It is possible that against the backdrop of large stocks, prices after the February-March holidays may fall by 10-15% if the dollar exchange rate continues. According to distributors, unsold inventory is from last year. Most laptops are MSI, HP, Xiaomi, Haier, as well as Russian F + and Prestigio.

After the introduction of sanctions, deliveries to Russia were suspended by HP, Dell, Apple, Samsung and some other companies, after which the authorities allowed the import of electronics into the country without the official consent of vendors, that is, through parallel imports. If initially purchases were carried out rather chaotically, then by the end of 2022, the parallel import scheme was fully operational, and new models of premium brands returned to the market.

Already in the summer, sales of laptops fell by 22% year-on-year, and the share of products from Chinese manufacturers began to grow in the market – up to 40–45% in recent quarters. According to CG Group, compared to 2021 last year, the number of imported laptops fell by 65%, amounting to 2.76 million units, and M.Video-Eldorado reported that the number of laptops sold in 2022 in Russia , amounted to 3.1 million devices, and 1 million of them were sold before the New Year holidays.

According to experts, after a shortage in early 2022, many Chinese-made laptops arrived in December, including models from Huawei, Chuwi, Itel, and others, but by that time, vendors had found ways to import goods from departed brands. According to some reports, certain models, especially those based on Intel Core i3 processors, have already fallen noticeably in price and a similar trend will continue until autumn, when prices start to rise again.

According to Anton Guskov, chairman of the Association of Trading Companies and Producers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment RATEK, a lot of smartphones have also accumulated in warehouses, but it is not specified which models remained the most unclaimed.

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