Eva Elfi is a fan of The Last of Us. Shared emotions after the third series

Eva Elfi is a fan of The Last of Us.  Shared emotions after the third series

Already 19 replays under the record — that’s what they answered her.

You have probably already heard that Eva Elfi is very closely connected with the gaming culture: she loves to play consoles, watch movies, series and anime. HBO’s The Last of Us is no exception.

The third episode showed us a brilliant, but for some, controversial story. After what she saw, Eva tweeted: “The last episode of The Last Of Us made me cry. I’m a big fan of games and now we have this masterpiece. Truly amazing. Thank you Neil Druckmann and thank you Naughty Dog.»

The post has already collected 19 replays. Many of Eva’s subscribers also shared their opinions about what they saw. Someone wrote a couple of words, others answered in more detail.

«It’s cool 😎».

«My little nephew is a fan of this game…».

“I have been waiting for the series for 2 years and this is the best I could hope for. Totally love him!»

“I didn’t cry, although I was sad 🙁”

“Yes, there are a lot of touching moments in this series.”

«It’s a masterpiece, just like the game.»

There is another opinion! «You can’t be a fan of the game and think this shit is a masterpiece.»

«Never seen anything like it.»

“Very cool series and game. I look forward to the next series.»

Do you like the series and the acting? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments.

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