Eva Elfi created 7 valentines! Available for fans of CS:GO, Dota, references to football and schoolchildren

Hehe, just don’t show them to Leo Messi.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t start with coffee! Eva Elfi pleased the subscribers of the cart with special valentines. “Now you know how to surprise your crush,” the girl signed the publication. So, are you ready to see all the valentines? Let’s go.

The first is an imperishable classic for schoolchildren.

The second is for football fans. Just don’t give it to Messi!

Fans of NAVI and Simpla, you are going through a difficult time right now. Therefore, the third Valentine is for you!

The fourth valentine for the audience of Yuri Dud, a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

Dear doters. Fifth is yours!

The sixth can be presented to the admin of the Games and Movies cart to publish cool news early. Now you don’t even need an alarm clock.

And who to give the seventh, choose for yourself!

With you was the heading “Eva Elfi”. Thank you for the pluses, patience and attention! I love everyone.


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