Epic Games accused Google of disobedience to the Indian regulator

Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against Google in an Indian court, accusing the IT giant of violating the country’s antitrust laws. The authors of the lawsuit believe that Google illegally prohibits the publication of the Epic Games Store application intended for the distribution of games in its digital content store Play Market in India.

  Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

The lawsuit from Epic Games is not the first legal challenge that Google has been facing recently in India. Last month, the American company lost in a lawsuit with the Competition Commission of India (CCI). As a result, the court ordered the tech giant to change its policy regarding the distribution of Android, abandoning the practice of forcing smartphone manufacturers to pre-install the company’s applications such as YouTube and Chrome.

A new lawsuit from Epic Games says that Google has not fully complied with the requirements of the regulator. In particular, Google still prohibits publishing third-party app stores on the Play Store. Epic Games is the developer of the popular game Fortnite, and also has its own store, through which digital copies of games are distributed. The company said in a statement that it “exploring the possibility of launching” Epic Games Store apps on the Play Store, and on it “negatively affected” that Google did not comply with the CCI order.

An Epic Games spokesperson announced the company’s intention to support the Indian regulator in an effort to force Google to allow the publication of third-party content stores on its platform. Google said in a statement that the company has submitted an action plan to CCI to comply with applicable country laws. Official representatives of the CCI have not yet commented on this issue.

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