Elden Ring – Roderika Questline, Location and Outfit. Where is the doll in the castle of the Stormhill Shack

In Elden Ring, you will constantly face puzzles, solving which you can get useful items or improvements. One of these secrets is the search for a doll for Roderika, a girl who is afraid to leave her shack near the castle of the Stormhill Shack. In this guide, we will tell you how to help Roderick get out of the shack and make her a merchant in the game.

How to find Roderika. Where is the shack on Stormhill Shack

When you first get to the place of grace “Near the gate”, you can relax here and chat with Melina. The girl will open the passage to Stormhill Shack for you. Follow the road up and find the destroyed building.

Look around. There will be a girl named Roderika sitting here. You can’t kill her— she’s behind a magical barrier. Instead, talk to her three times. In the last dialogue, she will tell about the memorable dolls that can be found in the castle of the Stormhill Shack.

How to find a doll for Roderika in Elden Ring

Now you need to go to the castle and fight the first boss. When you climb to the top of the tower and get to the place of grace “Bastion Tower”, you can start looking for a doll for Rodericka.

First of all, activate the place of grace, then go to the walls of the bastion. Here you will see several birds that will throw exploding barrels. Kill them in any way and proceed to the lower part of the castle, as shown in the screenshot above.

This wall is patrolled by a knight and his assistant. Deal with them and go through two rooms.

Once between the two halls, you will see the corpse of a giant, which is suspended by the leg. Go down, defeat the dogs and inspect the mountain of bodies. Here you will find the right item for Roderika.

How to make Roderika a merchant (mentor of spirits)

Go back to the Stormhill Shack and give the doll to Roderick. Talk to her twice so that she says she is going to go to the fortress of the Round Table. We told you how to get to this location in a separate guide.

When you find yourself in the fortress, talk to the girl again. She’ll be standing by the fireplace. If you talk to her twice, she will give the golden seed as a thank you.

This is not the end of Roderika’s story. You can make her a full-fledged merchant to improve the spirits found. To do this, go to the next room and chat with the blacksmith.

In the blacksmith’s menu, select “About Roderika”, go back to the girl and tell her what the blacksmith told her. She won’t believe it, so we need to talk to Master Hugh again. Tell him that Roderika asks to help her settle in the fortress.

Tell Roderika about it and use a quick move to any available location. The next time you return to the fortress of the Round Table, you will find a girl not far from the blacksmith. Now you can return to it and improve the spirits found.


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