Elden Ring, Ranni’s cosplay by Jessica Nigri impressed developers

American cosplayer Jessica Nigri took a break and instead of another erotic photo shoot turned into the witch Ranni from Elden Ring. FromSoftware usually doesn’t share similar works on Twitter, but this time it made an exception.

The girl paid special attention to the hat: in order for its brim to glow, she had to install LEDs and work with an airbrush.

Along with the photo, Jessica Nigri published a short video in the image of a witch:

Ranni the Witch is a NPC of considerable importance inside Elden Ring, which initially presents itself as a Reindeer and then reveals its identity only later. She has a fundamental role in some aspects of the lore of the game, which we avoid revealing here in order not to run into possible spoilers, but which in any case will reveal themselves by continuing in Elden Ring, being in fact she is also the protagonist of a line of quests.


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