Echoes Of An Offering Genshin Impact: Set Statistics, Location & How To Use

Echoes of an Offering Genshin Impact – a guide to a set of artifacts, information about the location, bonuses, places to get them and for which characters this set is best suited.

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Set Bonuses Of Echoes Of An Offering Genshin Impact

SetSet Bonuses

Echoes of an Offering
2-Piece Set: ATK +18%

4-Piece Set: When Normal Attacks hit opponents, there is a 36% chance
that it will trigger Valley Rite, which will increase Normal Attack DMG by
70% of ATK. This effect will be dispelled 0.05s after a Normal Attack deals
DMG. If a Normal Attack fails to trigger Valley Rite, the odds of it triggering
the next time will increase by 20%. This trigger can occur once every 0.2s.

Echoes Of An Offering Artifact List & How To Get Genshin Impact

PiecesPossible Main Stats

Flower Of Soulful Fragrance
– HP

Feather Of Reversing Flow
– Flat ATK

Certificate Of Ceremonial Blessing
– ATK%
– DEF%
– HP%
– Energy Recharge
– Elemental Mastery

Lamp Of Overflowing Springs
– ATK%
– DEF%
– HP%
– Elemental Mastery
– Elemental DMG Bonus
– Physical DMG Bonus

Echoes Of An Offering TBD
– ATK%
– DEF%
– HP%
– Elemental Mastery
– CRIT Rate
– Healing Bonus

Main Stat Availability

Possible Main Stat Roll

HPATKHPDEFATKElemental MasteryEnergy RechargePhysical DMG BonusDMG Bonus (Element)CRIT RateCRIT DMGHealing Bonus
Lv 0645426.3%7.9%6.3%257%7.9%6.3%4.2%8.4%4.8%
Lv 1828548.1%10.1%8.1%329%10.1%8.1%5.4%10.8%6.2%
Lv 21011669.9%12.3%9.9%3911%12.3%9.9%6.6%13.1%7.6%
Lv 311947811.6%14.6%11.6%4712.9%14.6%11.6%7.8%15.5%9%
Lv 413779013.4%16.8%13.4%5414.9%16.8%13.4%9%17.9%10.3%
Lv 5155910215.2%19%15.2%6116.9%19%15.2%10.1%20.3%11.7%
Lv 6174211317%21.2%17%6818.9%21.2%17%11.3%22.7%13.1%
Lv 7192512518.8%23.5%18.8%7520.9%23.5%18.8%12.5%25%14.4%
Lv 8210813720.6%25.7%20.6%8222.8%25.7%20.6%13.7%27.4%15.8%
Lv 9229114922.3%27.9%22.3%8924.8%27.9%22.3%14.9%29.8%17.2%
Lv 10247416124.1%30.2%24.1%9726.8%30.2%24.1%16.1%32.2%18.6%
Lv 11265717325.9%32.4%25.9%10428.8%32.4%25.9%17.3%34.5%19.9%
Lv 12283918527.7%34.6%27.7%11130.8%34.6%27.7%18.5%36.9%21.3%
Lv 13302219729.5%36.8%29.5%11832.8%36.8%29.5%19.7%39.3%22.7%
Lv 14320520931.3%39.1%31.3%12534.7%39.1%31.3%20.8%41.7%24%
Lv 15338822133%41.3%33%13236.7%41.3%33%22%44.1%25.4%
Lv 16357123234.8%43.5%34.8%13938.7%43.5%34.8%23.2%46.4%26.8%

Possible Substat Roll

Sub Stat rolls are additive. May include 0.1% error due to rounding issues.
Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Elemental Mastery13151719
Energy Recharge3.6%4.1%4.7%5.2%
CRIT Rate2.2%2.5%2.8%3.1%
CRIT DMG4.4%5%5.6%6.2%

Possible Main Stat Roll

HPATKHPDEFATKElemental MasteryEnergy RechargePhysical DMG BonusDMG Bonus (Element)CRIT RateCRIT DMGHealing Bonus
Lv 0717477%8.7%7%287.8%8.7%7%4.7%9.3%5.4%
Lv 1920609%11.2%9%3610%11.2%9%6%12%6.9%
Lv 211237311%13.7%11%4412.2%13.7%11%7.3%14.6%8.4%
Lv 313268612.9%16.2%12.9%5214.4%16.2%12.9%8.6%17.3%10%
Lv 4153010014.9%18.6%14.9%6016.6%18.6%14.9%9.9%19.9%11.5%
Lv 5173311316.9%21.1%16.9%6818.8%21.1%16.9%11.3%22.5%13%
Lv 6193612618.9%23.6%18.9%7621%23.6%18.9%12.6%25.2%14.5%
Lv 7213913920.9%26.1%20.9%8423.2%26.1%20.9%13.9%27.8%16.1%
Lv 8234215222.8%28.6%22.8%9125.4%28.6%22.8%15.2%30.5%17.6%
Lv 9254516624.8%31%24.8%9927.6%31%24.8%16.6%33.1%19.1%
Lv 10274917926.8%33.5%26.8%10729.8%33.5%26.8%17.9%35.7%20.6%
Lv 11295219228.8%36%28.8%11532%36%28.8%19.2%38.4%22.1%
Lv 12315520530.8%38.5%30.8%12334.2%38.5%30.8%20.5%41%23.7%
Lv 13335821932.8%40.9%32.8%13136.4%40.9%32.8%21.8%43.7%25.2%
Lv 14356123234.7%43.4%34.7%13938.6%43.4%34.7%23.2%46.3%26.7%
Lv 15376424536.7%45.9%36.7%14740.8%45.9%36.7%24.5%49%28.2%
Lv 16396725838.7%48.4%38.7%15543%48.4%38.7%25.8%51.6%29.8%
Lv 17417127240.7%50.8%40.7%16345.2%50.8%40.7%27.1%54.2%31.3%
Lv 18437428542.7%53.3%42.7%17147.4%53.3%42.7%28.4%56.9%32.8%
Lv 19457729844.6%55.8%44.6%17949.6%55.8%44.6%29.8%59.5%34.3%
Lv 20478031146.6%58.3%46.6%18751.8%58.3%46.6%31.1%62.2%35.9%

Possible Substat Roll

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Elemental Mastery16192123
Energy Recharge4.5%5.2%5.8%6.5%
CRIT Rate2.7%3.1%3.5%3.9%
CRIT DMG5.4%6.2%7%7.8%

Priority Stats For Echoes Of An Offering

– CRIT Rate
– ATK%
– Elem. DMG Bonus of your character
– CRIT Rate
– ATK%

Secondary characteristics (substrates)

Unlike the main characteristics, auxiliary characteristics will appear and improve only randomly every 4 levels of artifact improvements. (+4, +8, +12, +16, +20). This means that it may take time and luck to get the perfect artifact characteristics.

In total, up to 4 additional characteristics are available, the initial number depends on the rarity of the artifact (the number of stars).

An artifact cannot have duplicate substrates, and its substrates cannot coincide with the main characteristic. (For example, if an artifact has the main characteristic Attack Power in %, then the additional characteristic cannot be Attack Power in %, but can be Attack Power with an absolute value.)

This artifact is a great 2 pc replacement for Gladiator’s Finale or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.




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