EA failed the World Cup in FIFA 23. The company loses the franchise, but did not even try to be remembered

EA failed the World Cup in FIFA 23. The company loses the franchise, but did not even try to be remembered

Events for the World Cup will be forgotten in a month.

The World Cup in Qatar is in full swing. A special World Cup mode has been released in FIFA 23, and themed events are taking place in Ultimate Team. EA Sports will soon lose its license to the FIFA brand, which is why players have been looking forward to the last major tournament in the football simulation.

Here are some highlights of the World Cup modes in FIFA 23. Spoiler: it turned out badly.

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World Cup 2022 mode in FIFA 23 is trash. EA rolls out weird lineups and buggy online mode

A separate World Cup 2022 mode was released to FIFA on November 9th. The players rushed into it and immediately found many reasons for disappointment. The first was hope for authenticity. There were no official team applications yet, so EA mixed each team with about 40 players for every taste. For the tournament, the faces of several stars were digitized and the achievements of the teams at the World Cup were painted, but EA’s work ended there. Even the design fonts came out unsuccessful and moved out in many menus.

The single player mode is a template tournament, which was pulled over with several animations with the World Cup. You can ride a couple of times and feel the spirit of the tournament, but games against bots will soon get boring. If you were expecting unique statistics, a symbolic team and other interesting details, then you probably got upset very quickly. EA didn’t even add an automatic tournament simulation after the national team was eliminated! Did you sit for a couple of hours, lost embarrassingly in the semi-finals and wanted to know the winner of your World Cup? That’s all for now, here’s your start menu.

Live rosters have been added to the live mode, but for some unknown reason, it is only available for local and online play with friends. Network mode broke a critical bug that was not fixed for more than a week. After the start of the tournament, EA corrected the rosters in the online tournament, but the players did not forgive the critical error at the start and lost interest in the mode — online dropped by 5 times.

The FIFA 23 World Cup 2022 expansion has arrived. Beautiful graphics, unique soundtrack and buggy online mode

FIFA World Cup matches are made for fun. If you waited out the bugs, tweaked the lineups and pretended that the tournament was somehow different from the career mode, then you got what you wanted. I really tried, but I played no more than ten matches. It was boring.

A lot of meaningless cards have been brought to FUT, and the main event of the World Cup looks like a joke

The last hope was for FUT. Gamers were waiting for interesting events and the semblance of a tournament, because EA announced temporary World Cup cards. They waited: the players came out a few days before the announcement of the official applications of the national teams with a bunch of inaccuracies and turned out to be practically useless.

FUT also added a stylized «mode». Before entering the menu, various ideas flashed through my head — from a tournament for special cards to a draft, but it turned out to be a ridiculous progression of 10 ranks. The main goal of the event is to collect all temporary World Cup cards. Sounds like a joke, but it’s not! For this unique task, players received more than 40 days. The rewards for all ranks are not bad, but they will only be given in January.

The star of the World Cup was the card of the idol Patrick Vieira for 40 tokens. Similar events have been released in FIFA before, but now they required temporary World Cup cards to complete them. Template tasks in the spirit of six victories have not changed, but some have become available for play in divisions. Not a bad challenge for low ranks.

During the event, special cards «Star of the World Cup» and «Road to the World Cup» appeared, and on December 2 «History of the World Cup» will be released. Their main feature is a zero relation to reality. EA once again invented cards with no clear backstory and handed them out to random players — substitutes and players outside the applications.

I would like to note the dynamic maps «The Path to Glory», which interested in upgrades and stirred up the market. The concept of «Confrontation» looked good at the World Cup, but it was knocked down by the high cost, weak characteristics and the strange choice of national team leaders. The legends are a little better. The idols were given intermediate 2.5 versions with a description of the bright moment of the World Cup in the biography, and superhero images in the style of Marvel were released for the heroes. By November, EA released too many improvements that most of the legends did not cause a stir in the FIFA community. The players joke that the color card ratings will soon catch up with the team of the year.

FIFA drowned in colored cards. EA, are you tired?

The new «Moments» also disappointed. The first tasks were buggy for several days, and the scripts were struck by the lack of ideas. I hoped for interesting tasks — for example, to score with a few touches in 5 seconds, but their level did not advance beyond the usual goal or mounted pass. The most memorable was the “win the match” goal, where EA forced matches with rookie bots for 5-10 real minutes for each bonus FUT star. Instead of bright short moments, the players got torture.

* * *

«Welcome to the top level tournament» is the greeting that EA left before entering Worlds. It invited players to a party, but symbolically ended with a dot.

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