EA AntiCheat Service found an error — how to launch FIFA 23

EA AntiCheat Service found an error — how to launch FIFA 23

EA messed up with anti-cheat.

Nobody likes cheaters. EA Sports disliked them so much that in the release of FIFA 23 for the first time added a new anti-cheat that runs at the kernel level.

But it seems that she overdid it a little and FIFA 23 does not start now. We tell you how to solve the problem EA AntiCheat Service encountered an error. For a day on problems with the launch of FIFA 23 complained more than 3 thousand players.

EA AntiCheat Service encountered an error — launch FIFA 23

If FIFA 23 won’t launch due to anti-cheat issues, try the following steps:

  • Run Steam and Origin as an administrator. The problem with anti-cheat may be caused by the lack of these rights in FIFA 23
  • Restart your computer. A classic trick, but in some cases it really works. Apparently, anti-cheat at the kernel level sometimes needs a fresh start of the PC to work.
  • Reinstall anti-cheat manually. The installer is located in the folder EAAntiCheat inside a folder __Installer game directories
  • Make sure that the anti-virus did not block the installation of the anti-cheat. Check antivirus rules or reinstall FIFA 23 with antivirus turned off temporarily

Despite the fact that the steps listed above work for some players, for some players Fifa 23 on PC does not start even with these steps. In this case, it remains to wait for the EA patch or look for a more exotic way to fix the problem.

If you know other ways to launch FIFA 23, please share them in the comments.

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