Download skins Fortnite (Fortnite). Skin Snake Eyes

Download skins Fortnite (Fortnite).  Skin Snake Eyes

There are really a lot of bounty hunters in Fortnite. The other day, a new announcement appeared on the official Fortnite twitter:

The next hunter was Snake Eyes, the hero of the popular movie Cobra Rush. This was discussed at the beginning of the season, when attentive players noticed the silhouette of Snake Eyes in the background during a video conference of developers. It is also worth noting that the film of the same name is being released this year, so the appearance of this character and skin in the game can also be a good publicity stunt. Popular toy maker Hasbro will also release a Snake Eyes Fortnite action figure

The Snake Eyes skin has already appeared in the fortnite store and costs 1800 V-bucks.

The gameplay of the game in the Skin Eyes skin is already available on the network:

Download Fortnite on PC or Android (Android) is a free game to play this winter. Season 5, chapter 2. Pele Cup

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