Dordle Words #98: Today’s May 2, 2022

Here are two correct today’s responses to Dordle #98 from May 2, 2022. Continue your winning streak in the puzzle together with NextGames.

So, before we start, let’s figure out what a Dordle is.

What is Dordle?

Dordle is a word-guessing game created in 2022 by Zaratustra. The game is directly inspired by Josh Wardle’s 2021 game, Wordle, which is now owned by The New York Times. Like Wordle, Dordle players are tasked with finding a mystery word using a series of guesses. The twist with Dordle is that players are trying to simultaneously solve two words.

How to Play Dordle

Dordle has two different modes: free play and daily modes. Daily mode and free play work the same way. The only difference is that, in daily mode, players have the same word as everyone else for the day. Free play mode endlessly brings up random puzzles.

When playing either mode, the rules are the same as Wordle, except for the caveat that players are guessing for both words simultaneously. There are seven guesses available for both words, together. Yellow squares mean that the letter is within the word but in a different spot. Green tiles mean that the letter is in the correct location.

Dordle Words Hints Today

Some Dordle puzzles may be more difficult to solve than others, so here are some hints we have to help you solve the Dordle #98 words today.

Hint 1: There is one common letter in the Dordle words today, which is a D.
Hint 2: There are two vowels in the first word (one letter repeated) and only one in the second.
Hint 3: The first word begins with an and the second one begins with a D.
Hint 4: The first word means to make (something) suitable for a new use or purpose; modify. The second Dordle word is what a child would call a toy.

What is the Dordle 98 Answer Today? (May 2nd, 2022)

Here is how I managed to solve the words for Dordle 98 today. First I guessed the word ‘AUDIO’, which was a great guess for the words today as it placed the A in the correct position for the first word as well as showing me there is a D in both words and an O in the second.

I always guess the word ‘BLERT’ next as the letters in this word have not been used in the first word. This word placed the T correctly in the first word and showed me there is an L in the second word.

Looking at the letter I already knew for the first, I was able to guess the answer to this word of Dordle 98 in my third guess, which is,,,


I guessed the word ‘COLDS’ next for the second word as this places all the known letters in a different position. This was a great guess as it placed the O and L in the correct positions. I was then able to guess the answer to the second word of Dordle 98, which is…


Daily Dordle 98 – May 2nd 2022

We are impressed if you managed to solve this riddle yourself!

How Can I Play Previous Dordle Challenges?

The good news is that if you’ve completed the day’s Dordle already, you can still enjoy some other puzzles. If you play around with your device’s calendar settings, you’ll be able to spoof your date to make the game think you’re in the past – or future!

Simply head to your device settings and tweak the date, before refreshing the Dordle website. This will then bring up a fresh challenge for you to take on, so the fun never has to stop.

On top of that, on the main Dordle site there’s a mode called ‘Free Dordle’. This is an endless arcade mode that lets you simply play a new puzzle once you’ve completed the initial one.

It won’t count towards your daily streak, and it won’t align with the daily words seen in our list above, but it’s a good way to keep Dordle going as you wait for the next daily puzzle. Until then, though, try guessing something like today’s Worldle country while you wait.


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