Dishonored 2 sequel

Dishonored 2 sequel

As you know, the release date of the game Dishonored 2 has long passed, and whoever did not know this, hurry up to get this action. Although the story of Corvo came to an end, and no matter what he was, because the game could be played in different ways, but the continuation of the game came out. And in the title role will be the little girl Emily, whom Corvo had to save and protect.

As you remember, the release date of Dishonored 2 took place – November 11, 2016.

In this part, Emily will acquire the same abilities as she once had in her protector. She will also put on a mask to fight a new villain who threatens her kingdom. But how it will end for a young girl, you will find out already during the passage of this story. In this part, for sure, as in the previous one, a type will appear from the shadow and give Emily her powers. There will also be several paths for the development of events, you can go the way of the killer or choose another secretive and bright path. It’s up to you, or you can relive this wonderful story several times, each time changing your mind.

Dishonored 2

Now you know that the release date has already passed and you can purchase the game Dishonored 2.



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