Director Ridley Scott filmed a short film using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Director Ridley Scott filmed a short film using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung is actively promoting the camera capabilities of the new flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra. This is the first Samsung smartphone with a 200 megapixel sensor. To demonstrate its capabilities, the company hired cult director Ridley Scott, who shot a full-fledged short film on a new smartphone.

Image Source: Samsung

The director of «Alien», «Blade Runner» and «The Martian» accepted the company’s offer, having received the Galaxy S23 Ultra before the start of official sales. Scott directed and produced a four-minute film called Behold («Behold!»).

The film is about a young man growing up in a disadvantaged youth environment — his every action is faced with aggression from others. Only at the end of the film does the hero find peace, releasing a horse entangled in a landfill into the fields.

Those who watched the broadcast of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event the other day may recognize some of the footage from the film that was shown during the presentation. The video allows not only to show the capabilities of the 200-megapixel sensor, but also the ability of the model to shoot well in low light conditions.

While the average user is unlikely to be able to make a movie like this even with the funds to set up the set and a new smartphone, the company seems to have adopted a marketing strategy similar to Apple’s, which emphasizes the potential suitability of the iPhone Pro for creating quality video content.

It is noteworthy that in addition to Ridley Scott, Russian users also received early access to the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Earlier it was reported that, although the official start of global sales is scheduled for February 17, smartphones have already appeared in Russia — as a result of sanctions imposed on the country, distributors and retailers import electronics through parallel imports without the official consent of vendors, which allows sales to begin earlier than officially designated dates.

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